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Can A:M models be exported to other programs like Maya and visa versa? The answer used to be no. I'm wondering if anything has changed to facilitate cross platform work.


The simple answer is yes you can export and import, but it will have some limitations.

The long answer is:

There are many export options available. Other software products can however not use Hash splines & patches and like that the exports will be converted to polygon models. You can export many things like mesh, UV data, vertex animation data (mdd-export is available) and in some cases even sceleton animation data (directx exporter) to other software.

How well other software can read and operate with this data is a question of the other software and we can not give support in that direction.

Importing is possible as props (leaving the model as is but not being able to edit the polygonal structure in any way... very fast and useful for static objects, not very useful for animated characters, etc.) or as spline/patch-data. Exports of other software do in general not contain spline data but polygonal data. This can be imported but lags different informations like continuity in it. The importer of A:M will try to guess the not available informations but it is not guaranteed that this is really the way it should be.

There are however other options to overcome this like the retopolgy feature of A:M available since v17. For more informations on this, please check the forums.

2014-08-31 14:11 Gerald Zum Gahr {writeRevision}
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