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Now available: Additional Rendernodes

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Posted 21 January 2012 - 11:51 AM

Hello all!

As some of you may already know from this thread, Jason added a new item to the store (thank you very much Jason :) ) with which it is now possible to add additional rendernodes to your A:M licence.

Posted Image

Many have asked for it and I didn't want this info to be buried in a thread with another topic title...

Here you can find additional informations:
- Activation page with Step-by-Step-Instruction
- Hash store - Add rendernodes
- FAQ: How to install my new master0.lic file after I bought more Render Nodes (Win)
- FAQ: How to install my new master0.lic file after I bought more Render Nodes (Mac) (available soon, but the process already works for Macs too)

Some of you may not know what a rendernode is:
A rendernode can be used in combination with A:M Netrenderer and allows you to render with more cores (if available) at the same time.
So if you for example have 3 computers and each one has 4 cores, you can render 12 frames at the same time with A:M Netrenderer (available in v16 for free) in (about) the same time as it would take to render one frame.

Shortly spoken: This enables you to do your own little renderfarm with A:M Netrenderer.

In the store you can now get 4, 10, 25 and 50 rendernodes as a product. And if that is not enough for you: You can of course buy more than just one item for your licence... like that you can for example buy 75 (25 + 50) or 100 (50 + 50) rendernodes, add them to your licence and render with it. (I doubt, that anyone has that many cores standing around, but who knows?)

Best wishes and have fun!
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