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Announcement: v17 Keyboard Shortcuts

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I have no idea why there is all this space up there ^^^. Working on it...

Animation:Master Keyboard Shortcuts


File:New:ChoreographyAdd a new Choreography to the current Project.

File:New:ModelAdd a new Model to the current Project.

File:New:ActionAdd a new Action to the current Project.

File:New:MaterialAdd a new Material to the current Project.

File:OpenOpen an existing documentCtrl+O

File:ExitQuit the application; prompts to save documents

Project:NewCreate a new project

Project:OpenOpen an existing project

Project:CloseClose the active project

Project:RevertReturns the Project to its previously saved state.

Project:SaveSave the active projectCtrl+S

Project:Save AsSave the active project with a new name

Project:Consolidate:Project as text file (*.PRJ)

Project:Consolidate:Project as zipped project (*.ZIP)

Project:Embed AllEmbeds all materials, posteffects, models, lights, actions, and choreographies into the project.

Project:Delete empty foldersDelete empty folders

Project:Recent ProjectOpen this project.


View:Status BarShow or hide the Status Bar.

View:Project WorkspaceShow or hide the Project Workspace panel.Alt+1

View:TimelineShow or hide the Timeline panel.Alt+2

View:LibrariesShow or hide the libraries window.Alt+5

View:PropertiesShow or hide the property panel.Alt+3

View:Pose SlidersShow or hide the pose sliders panel.Alt+4

View:CommunityShow or hide the Community window.Alt+6

View:WorkbookShow documents as worksheets in a workbook.

View:FullScreenToggle Full Screen Mode on or off.F11

Tools:OptionsChange optionsCtrl+P

Tools:CustomizeCustomize the toolbars and keyboard shortcuts.

Help:Help TopicsList Help topics

Help:Tip of the DayDisplays a Tip of the Day.

Help:Reset SettingsReset all settings to their default values

Help:Look for updatesCheck the hash support page for updates

Help:About Animation MasterDisplay program information, version number and copyright

Next KeyframeAdvance to the next keyframe.+Shift+Num +

Edit:Select SplineToggle the state of all control points on the selected spline.,

Previous FrameJump to the previous frame.-Num -

Edit:Invert SelectionToggle the state of all control points..

Edit:Group ConnectedSelect all control points on the selected spline./

Edit:Snap Group To GridSnap the selected control points to the grid.'

Shaded/WireframeSet the current drawing mode for this view to shaded with wireframe.0

Show NormalsToggle normals on and off.Shift+1

Show GridToggle the grid on and off.Shift+3

View SettingsOpen View Settings Dialog.Shift+4

Onion SkinToggels Onion Skin Mode.Shift+5

Default InterpolationSet the Interpolation method for the selected CP's to Default.6

Toggle Back Face CullingToggle back face culling.Shift+6

Default DrawmodeUse model's draw mode.7

WireframeSet the current drawing mode for this view to wireframe.8

Show Particle/FurToggle particle/fur drawing on and of.Shift+8

ShadedSet the current drawing mode for this view to shaded.9

Snap to SurfaceSnap the added cp to the nearest surfaceShift+9

Snap Group To SurfaceSnap the selected control points to the next surface.Ctrl+9

Next FrameAdvance to the next frame.=Num +

PerspectiveToggles perspective mode in this view\

Select DeeperJump to next object behind currently selected object.]

Previous KeyframeJump to previous keyframe._Shift+Num -

Attach Control PointAttach Control Point`

Add ModeEnter Add modeA

Edit:Select AllSelect all control points.Ctrl+A

Add Lock ModeEnter Add Lock modeShift+A


Bound BranchSet the draw mode for the selected branch to Bound.Shift+B


Edit:Copy KeyframeCopy the selection and put it on the ClipboardCtrl+C

Curved BranchSet the draw mode for the selected branch to Curved.Shift+C

Show DecalsTurn Decal drawing On/OffCtrl+D

Extrude ModeEnter Extrude modeE

Flip NormalsFlip the normals of all connected control points.F

Jump To FrameEnter the frame number to jump to.Ctrl+F

Edit:Find longest ActionsFind and expand the longest actions in the choreographysCtrl+Shift+F

Group ModeEnter Group modeG

Lasso Draw ModeEnter Lasso Draw modeShift+G

Hide CPsHide all unselected Control PointsH

Window:Tile HorizontallyArrange windows as non-overlapping tilesAlt+H

Hide MoreHide all unselected Control PointsShift+H

Invisible ModeSet the draw mode for the selected object to Invisible.I

Invisible BranchSet the draw mode for the selected branch to Invisible.Shift+I

Bone VisibleMake the selected bone visible.J

Bones Visible BranchMake the bones visible for the selected branch.Shift+J

BreakBreak the selected splineK

Detach PointDetach the selected control point.Shift+K

LatheLathe the selected splineL

MoveEnter Move modeM

Translate ModeSet manipulator to translate mode.N

NewCreate a new documentCtrl+N

SmoothSmooth the selected Control PointsO

PeakPeak the selected Control PointsP

Patch Group ModeEnter Patch Group modeShift+P

Render ModeEnter Render mode.Q

Render Lock ModeEnter Render Lock mode.Shift+Q

Rotate ModeSet manipulator to rotate mode.R

Rotate Group ImagesRotate Group ImagesCtrl+R

Scale ModeSet manipulator to scale mode.S

Edit:Search ObjectDisplay the Search dialog.Ctrl+Shift+S

TurnEnter Turn modeT

Edit CP WeightsEdit CP WeightsU


Edit:Paste KeyframeInsert Clipboard contentsCtrl+V

Window:Tile VerticallyArrange windows as non-overlapping tilesAlt+V

Vector BranchSet the draw mode for the selected branch to Vector.Shift+V

Edit:Paste MirroredPaste the copied keyframe while mirroring "Left" to "Right".Ctrl+Shift+V

DeleteDeletes the current selectionDelete

Move DownMove the selected object down one pixel.DownShift+Down

Play RangePlay the selected range of frames.End

Last FrameAdvance to the last frame.Ctrl+End

Edit ModeEnter Edit modeEsc

HelpDisplay help for current task or commandF1

HelpDisplay help for clicked on buttons, menus and windowsShift+F1

Modeling ModeEnter Modeling modeF5

Bones ModeEnter Bones Editing modeF6

Muscle ModeEnter Muscle Motion modeF7

Skeletal ModeEnter Skeletal Motion modeF8

Choreography ModeEnter Choreography modeF9

LoopToggles looping mode on and off.Home

First FrameJump to the frame 1.Ctrl+Home

Edit:Make KeyframeForce all filtered values on the current frame to be a keyframe using designated keyframe modes. Use Shift for advanced dialog.Insert

Move LeftMove the selected object left one pixel.LeftShift+Left

Decrease SubdivisionsDecrease the number of subdivisions in shaded mode.Page Down

Bottom ViewSet the selected window to Bottom View.Num 0

Camera ViewSet the selected window to Camera View.Num 1

Front ViewSet the selected window to Front View.Num 2

Light ViewSet the selected window to Light View.Num 3

Left ViewSet the selected window to Left View.Num 4

Top ViewSet the selected window to Top View.Num 5

Right ViewSet the selected window to Right View.Num 6

Bird's Eye ViewSet the selected window to Bird's Eye View.Num 7

Back ViewSet the selected window to Back View.Num 8

Increase SubdivisionsIncrease the number of subdivisions in shaded mode.Page Up

Edit:Deselect AllDeselect all selected control points.Enter

Move RightMove the selected object right one pixel.RightShift+Right

View:RefreshRedraw the current view.SpaceCtrl+SpaceShift+Space

Next ObjectSelect the next object.Tab

Previous ObjectSelect the previous object.Shift+Tab

Move UpMove the selected object up one pixel.UpShift+Up


Window:New WindowOpen another window for the active documentAlt+W

Wireframe BranchToggle Wireframes on and off for the selected branch.Shift+W

ShadedShaded Mode for the Selected ModelX

Edit:Cut KeyframeCut the selection and put it on the ClipboardCtrl+X

Shaded BranchToggle Shaded on and off for the selected branch.Shift+X

InsertInsert a Control Point along the selected splineY

Edit:RedoRedo the previously undone actionCtrl+Y

ZoomEnter Zoom modeZCtrl+Shift+Z

Edit:UndoUndo the last actionCtrl+Z

Zoom FitZoom to fit in window.Shift+Z

Previous CPSelect the previous Control Point.{

Next CPSelect the next Control Point.}

File:CloseClose the active document

File:Import:Model (*.MDL)Import a Model file into the current Choreography.

File:Import:PropImport a Prop into the current Choreography.

File:Import:Light (*.LIT)Import a Light file into the current Choreography.

File:Import:Camera (*.CAM)

File:Import:Choreography (*.CHO)Import a Choreograhpy into the current Choreography.

File:Export:Model (*.MDL)Export a Model file from the current Choreography.

File:Export:Light MapsExport Light Maps from the current Choreography.

File:Plugins Here

Edit:Delete KeyframeDelete the keys in the current frame a keyframe using the designated keyframe modes.

Edit:Move FramesDisplay the Move Frames dialog.

Edit:Delete FramesDisplay the Delete Frames dialog.

Edit:Reduce ChannelsReduce channels

Project:Project Plugins HereInsert Project Plugins in this location

Window:CascadeArrange windows so they overlap

Window:Arrange IconsArrange icons at the bottom of the window

Window:Close AllClose all open windows

File:Create IconRenders the current window as an Icon for the library bar.

File:Import:Model (*.MDL)Import a Model file into the current Model.

File:Import:Light Files (*.LIT)Import a Light file into the current Model.

File:Import:Camera Files (*.CAM)

File:Import:V4.x Segment (*.SEG)Import a Version 4.x Segment file into the current model.

Edit:Paste with Bones

File:Import:Model (*.MDL)Import a Model file into the current Action.

File:Import:Light (*.LIT)Import a Light file into the current Action.

File:Import:Camera (*.CAM)

File:Export:Model (*.MDL)Export a Model file from the current Action.

Action:ClearClear the selected action.

Action:Create PoseCreate a pose

Action:Bake (Remove Constraints)Create a new action from this action that does not have any constraints, but has same motion.

File:Save LightSave the active document

File:Save Light AsSave the active document with a new name

Edit:DeleteDelete the selection

Edit:Select AllSelect all text

File:Add to projectAdd Animation to Project

File:Create PreviewCreate a still image preview representation of the current view.

Show RulersShow Rulers.

Key Skeletal TranslationsInclude skeletal translations when doing keyframe operations.

Key Skeletal ScalingInclude skeletal scaling when doing keyframe operations.

Key Skeletal RotationsInclude skeletal rotations when doing keyframe operations.

Key ConstraintsInclude constraints when doing keyframe operations.

Key MuscleInclude muscle when doing keyframe operations.

Key BiasInclude muscle bias when doing keyframe operations.

Key PoseInclude pose motion when doing keyframe operations.

Key OtherInclude all other channel items when doing keyframe operations.

Key BoneUse only the currently selected bone when doing keyframe operations.

Key BranchUse the selected object and descendants when doing keyframe operations.

Key ModelUse the current model when doing keyframe operations.

Frame ScrubberSlide to set the current frame.

Standard ModeSet manipulator to standard mode.

World SpaceShow manipulators in world space.

Show CPWeightsShow CPWeights for the selected Control Point.

Show Bias HandlesShow bias handles for the selected Control Point.

Show Manipulator PropertiesShow manipulator properties

Snap Manipulator To GridSnap manipulators to nearest grid interval.

Compensate ModeCompensate for any change made, so that dependents do not move.

Magnet ModeMove surrounding CP's proportionally from the selected CP

Mirror ModeMirror work across y axis

Define RelationshipEnter define relationship mode

Animate ModeMoves the object only at this frame versus at all frames.

Distortion ModeEnter Distortion mode

Grooming ModeEnter Hair Grooming mode

Dynamics ModeEnter Dynamics Motion mode

Render Animation PreviewRender Animation Preview

Render to FileRender to File

Play Animation FileLoad and play an animation file.

Lasso Line ModeEnter Lasso Line grouping mode

Lock CPsLock all unselected control points.

Make Five Point PatchMake the selected points a five point patch

Biased NormalsSet group to Biased style normals.

Perpendicular NormalsSet group to Perpendicular style normals.

Attach BoneAttach the selected bone to its parent's bone

Detach BoneDetach the selected bone from its parent's bone

Add SpringAdd a spring to the current Spring System.

Lock BoneLock the selected bone.

FK ModeEnter FK Edit Mode

Brush ModeEnter Brushing Mode

Lengthen ModeEnter Lengthening Mode

Density ModeEnter Density Mode

View Project LibraryView Project Library

View Choreography LibraryView Choreography Library

View Model LibraryView Model Library

View Action LibraryView Action Library

View Material LibraryView Material Library

View Image LibraryView Image Library

View Sound LibraryView Sound Library