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Community Project for Apps/Games?

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Posted 23 January 2015 - 12:52 PM

Had an idea for a game for tablets/phones and was wondering if anyone here uses the Unity engine and can help produce it. Will need animators, texture artist, sounds.


Idea is this:


Zombie Taxi Driver.


The idea is the player is the passenger, the driver is a zombie.

You have a set amount of $$ that diminishes as time goes on (meter).

You need to get from one end of a town to another before you run out of time/money.


View would be inside in the back seat of the taxi and as you give directions the zombie would look in the rear view mirror and make a zombie groan.

Controls would be slightly delayed since your directing which way to turn when to stop and when to go. Repeated tapping will distract the driver causing the reaction to be slower so there isn't any button mashing but takes more timing.

Traffic can be random and the city would be very simplistic looking.

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Posted 23 January 2015 - 09:16 PM

The driver never eats you?

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Posted 24 January 2015 - 02:53 AM

Could be a fence between (those unbreakable glases for instance) and you do not tell it directly where to go but there is a stick with some sort of meat hanging in front of him which is moved by the player.


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Posted 29 January 2015 - 12:58 PM

If a game could be done with pre-rendered graphics, I think it would great for A:M.  The only game I can think of like that is Dragon's Lair (then Space Ace).  But the delay in turning, or upsetting a zombie to the point he gets out and eats you sounds like it could utilize pre-rendered graphics.  I would think the advantage would be better visual and more storyline.  Yet, it would be a fine line between coming off as a bad game or a bad animation.  I haven't gotten into Unity yet, but wrote a program that could get things started.  I couldn't think of a game idea, so decided I'd leave it for an animation/video player as plenty of people watch movies and TV.

I think in one of the zombie movies, the zombies went to the mall because that's all they used to do anyway, so I think the idea is feasible that a zombie would just keep driving a cab because that's what he used to do, but has a shorter temper (no, just less patience with people, same urge to mess them up when annoying, ie. less inhibition).  Point being getting to the airport to spread a vaccine?

But putting together a single game based on the idea is risky, I would wonder if there aren't several (like 50) ideas that could use the same program with minor variations to create many games.

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Posted 12 May 2016 - 05:59 PM

I'll post this here because my avatar still shows up here on the forum.  It could go in the "head tutorial" though.  Anyway, I got the ears attached to Vera's head and it's looking pretty good I think.  But just before I copied the left ear that I was modeling to the right, I thought... "Don't mess this up, save a copy in this state before it all turns to trash" or "This would be a really neat addition to the head tutorial since what you put there before didn't have any ears" and "Don't share, you worked hard on that, keep it to yourself". 


But Vera's getting a whole new makeover to go with her new ears.  The attached model is in a state where the ear(s) could still be changed, but you can see by the pictures it's easy to copy the right ear and attach to the left side of the head.  The model should do most of the talking.


I'm using FL Studio 12 to make some music, back to timing the bpm to fps thought.  Generally making it to go in whichever direction one may want to (Android app or YouTube video). 


But the ears are huge! 


Well, no, I'm not saying...  (Oh yeah, she can hear now...)


As far as the app, I'm thinking just Music, Dance, Effects, Light show.  Like MTV used to put out videos.  Nothing more.  Well a little more but not trying to turn it into a game.  Maybe a way to vote on what one likes?  But, I want a sustainable format, open to improvement.  ie. "this is how to put a package together, stick it on the website, and see if anybody downloads it".  And if nobody does, make a better one. 


But there's nothing to see (or hear) right now.


Well maybe you can hear my WIP song!  1 bar = 4 beats, so at 90 bpm and at 12 fps, 1 beat = 0.67s = 8 frames, right?  Or, at 120 bpm 1 bar = 2s, so a beat would occur every 6 frames, right?  And every where in between, I mean it's perfectly simple.  Like I'm trying to figure out how to model (how many times do they play the riff then hit the drums then cut the riff then repeat which part) a song, and it is apparently set up at 130 bpm, so... "which frame does the light flash on ?  ... and then off ?"  I think that stuff can be figured out, but when I get back to programming the app, I'm worried about getting it all to play together properly timed without a glitch.


But still a work in progress... enjoy the ears for now.

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Posted 19 May 2016 - 04:42 PM

This was a bit rushed, but shows a rough idea of what would show up on a smartphone/tablet, I suppose.  Obviously the muscle motion in the face would be time consuming, but I'm not even trying to do that for starters.  Actually trying to eliminate the need for muscle motion altogether (...for starters).  But she's got a new do, and about to be cloned!  Like The Bangles! 4 chicks.  Destiny's Child? 3 chicks.  Pussycat Dolls?  I don't know.  Just change the faces and décor, but keep the bone structure so they can dance in sync.  That's gotta be huge.

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