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A:M Reports


User requests define the future development of the software. When considering bug reports and feature requests here are some useful guidelines to follow:

-Post wish lists, feature requests and bug reports to http://www.hash.com/reports where they will be categorized and prioritized.

-Rule out user error and bad systems configuration first to save yourself and developers time.

-Don't reprimand others for violating these guidelines, that's the moderators job.

Computer crashes are a common theme throughout the computer world
-First, take a deep breath - we'll help you- promise!
-Second, be aware of your hardware/system settings. Knowing these will help resolve compatibility issues.

-HASH has support representatives standing by to help.

-Make sure you have ALL AVAILABLE updates for your OS (not just critical updates), including the very latest video drivers installed-if the problem is visually related it is likely due to outdated video drivers.

-If your problems still persist, don't hesitate to contact HASH via e-mail or phone or login and file an A:M Report with your detailed information. Be as absolutely descriptive and as concise as you can.

- It may seem like "It crashes", or "It doesn't start" should be enough, but those two brief lines can mean a million different things to a programmer. If you've got a project file that demonstrates an error, consider posting that with your report.

-Stop and take the time to give us the exact steps to repeat your problem (and add test data as necessary). This will allow us to help you as quickly as possible.

Happy Hashing!


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