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Forum Guidelines

The A:M Forum is for technical support and the sharing of tips and ideas between users/prospective users of Hash software. It is moderated constantly by technical support representatives.

-Ask questions about the software.
-Assist other users. Everyone was new at this once.
-Inform people of your version/platform when asking for help.
-Share resources; tutorials, models, textures, tips and techniques (link to useful websites).
-Post links to your work, or where your art is being used online (on websites, in games, toons', etc.)
-Organize and inform others about user groups, IRC chats, image and animation contests, job opportunities, etc.
-Discuss what you are working on and let everyone know about magazine reviews and articles that relate to your projects.

-Do Not post bug/crash reports to the list (send bug/crash reports to http://www.hash.com/reports.
-Do Not complain about forum content. Complaints or suggestions can be sent directly to hash@hash.com
-Do Not be rude, disrespectful or mean to other forum members in any way. Personal attacks will be removed.
-Do Not reprimand forum members for violating forum rules, that's the moderators job, which (unless a moderator) you are not.
-No "me too!" posts.
-No flames of any kind.
-No soliciting of any kind without prior approval.
-No threads or comparisons related to other 3D Applications.
-No discussion of Hash Internal Affairs (finances, advertising, PR. etc.)
-No complaining or whining on the forum or distribution of misinformation.
-No Off Topic posts. Even posts in the Off Topics section should be related to A:M or benefit the A:M community as a whole.
-No very general questions like: "how do I make a good 3D model". Make your questions as complete and concise as possible.
-No "Wish list" or feature requests. Send requests to http://www.hash.com/reports for categorizing and prioritization. (User requests define the future development of the software).
-No posting of private email to the forum unless permission of the author is granted. (Private correspondence should remain private)

If you have questions as to whether a post is appropriate, send it to: support@hash.com, We'll be happy to let you know.

User Led Forum Considerations

Firstly and foremostly, please remember this is Martin Hash's forum and that it is every A:M User's primary resource for information about A:M. In order to remain relevant we need everyone's continuing support.

Understand there is a distinction between A:M (the program) and the A:M forum. There are some topics and issues that are outside the scope of the forum and most can easily be deduced by reading through the forum guidelines. These include such things as Hash Inc internal policies, business practices, trade secrets, and specific plans for the future not yet publicly released. Each of these would be fascinating topics of their own but are better reserved via private communications with a representative of Hash Inc. This helps prevent the spread of misinformation which could lead to unnecessary misunderstandings and confusion.

Issues regarding purchasing, customer service and other similar areas generally fall outside the purview of the common user who may have little interest or knowledge of such things; subjects relating to money exchanging hands are beyond the scope of the A:M Forum and often can lead to conflicts of interest between users and/or Hash Inc. (If Hash Inc cuts you a deal on volume purchasing it's really no one else's business). Likewise, individual complaints about a product or service are best remedied by going direct with Hash Inc representatives empowered to make those decisions. Please allow them the time necessary to resolve your specific issue and consider that the cost of customized solutions will extend the schedule for unfunded programming.

Many see the A:M Forum as the official outlet for Hash Inc... and it is. But the forum is not designed for conducting business and private matters are best resolved by communicating directly with Hash Inc. Similarly, bug reports are best resolved by entering them directly into the A:M Reporting system. There is a limit to what your fellow users are able to do for you beyond confirmation of the issue. (Yup, I see that happening too!)

Many problems can be easily addressed at the user level just by asking fellow users in the forum. For tougher issues there is good reason to take the issue directly to the source... you don't want the issue discussed... you want it resolved.

Finally, remember that we want to pass this forum on to future moderators and generations of A:M Users in the absolute best condition possible. A:M is just that good a program and is worthy of our consideration.

Thanks for making the A:M Forum a great community.