How to install my new master0.lic file after I bought more Render Nodes


  1. Find your working copy of master0.lic. By default this is found at "C:\Program Files\Hash Inc\v##.#" or is you installed a 32but version on a 64bit windows operating system the default path will be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Hash Inc\v##.#" if you did not install to the default path this file is stored in the same folder as master.exe or master_64.exe

  2. it's best to rename your working master0.lic to something like master0.bak. This way the software will not read it. You can also copy the file out of the folder to another folder that does not hold master.exe or master_64.exe

  3. Now find the master0.lic file you downloaded after your order if you have not already done that you can follow the steps at Copy the new master0.lic to your Animation Master Installation Folder

  4. Now run the software like normal and enjoy your new Animation Master Render power

If you need help setting up netrender please check out:

  • NetRender Setup Windows
  • NetRender Setup Intel Mac
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