How do I add rendernodes to my Animation Master License

General Informations:

- You can add any amount of rendernodes to a licence. You can buy a quantity of 2 of the rendernodes-items with 50 rendernodes to add 100 rendernodes to your licence.

- You can buy one add rendernodes item now, add them to your licence and buy the next tomorrow if you wish.

- If you want to use rendernodes with different licences, please do one order for each licence separatly!

- Rendernodes will only last as long as your licence lasts.

To add rendernodes to your licence do the following:

1.) Go to the Animtion Master Store and buy the amount of rendernodes you want to attach to your licence.

2.) Please remember your order id / order number! You will need the order number, your e-mail-address used for the order and your activation-code used to activate your licence for A:M.

3.) go to you will be given a link to download your new master0.lic file

4.) If you didn't do till now, install Hash Animation:Master and activate it using your activation-code.

5.) After you have downloaded your new master0.lic follow the steps below for your Operating System.

     Animation Master Windows

     Animation Master Intel Mac

You should be read yto go!
If you experience and problems, please feel free to contact us.

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