How to submit a bug

Go to You will see a page named "Mantis".

If you have not yet created an account for A:M Reports, click on the link that says "Sign up for a new account".

One you have logged in, click on the link named "Report Issue" near the top of the page. You will be taken to a page where you can enter information about your computer, and the bug.

Inlcude a detailed step-by-step-instruction of what you did. Include screenshots and the (consolidated) projectfile. Make sure everything in the project file is embedded in the project. If you include images, make sure all images are in the same folder as the project file, then use a zip utility to zip up the whole folder and submit it with your bug report.

The more details you give, the easier and the faster the bug can be tracked and solved. So take the time to create a good report and dont miss a step.

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