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Senora MooChaCha1162 viewsHoping for a successful acting career, La Senora MooChaCha poses for her publicity shot44444
(9 votes)
Relections in a mirror cube2554 views44444
(6 votes)
Face Interface installed, cloth simulated- lighting test590 viewsUpdated character... been working on this for 2 years now. New features in AM mean more expansive changes to take advantage of all features.44444
(6 votes)
Stryfe762 viewsAn unrigged model that looks pretty neat!44444
(6 votes)
Hyung Jin and James poster 243.JPG
1052 viewsThis is a poster from the movie i'm making right now, James and Me ^^ where the movie starts.44444
(6 votes)
Camaro SS642 viewsBird View44444
(3 votes)
This way893 views44444
(3 votes)
Facial Expression Exam.709 views44444
(3 votes)
Shelby GT500 on the road626 views44444
(3 votes)
Pod16abrushed shader on sphere0.jpg
EVA589 views44444
(3 votes)
458 views44444
(3 votes)
Ford GT40 Beauty Render Rad-0.jpg
Ford GT40 MK1683 viewsThis is the first car that I have ever attempted to model.
The scene was rendered using radiosity.
1,000,000 Photons
3:10:05 5pass @ 720p
(3 votes)
Plateau of Leng742 viewsThis was done for one of the informal A:M forum contests. The Plateau of Leng is the city of the "old ones" discovered by the Antarctic expedition in the H. P. Lovecraft novel "At the Mountains of Madness". I did not have time to make the buildings look ancient and weathered, but I did try to give a clear sense of the immense size of the city. To keep rendering to reasonable times, I rendered images of a segment of the city from various directions and then composited the images to assemble the city.44444
(3 votes)
The Phantom Of The Cinema480 viewsTHE PHANTOM OF THE CINEMA is an animated short film in which we, the theater audience, get an exclusive look behind the scenes and screens of the cinema. The movie thatís running through the projector suddenly jams and breaks, allowing us to see what happens behind the projection screen when everything is going horribly wrong.
After his award winning film VENT filmmaker Erik van Schaaik presents a new artistic treat that plays with all laws of cinema. 3D done in A:M
(3 votes)
1042 views44444
(3 votes)
FLAK PANZER596 viewsThe armored, anti-aircraft 'muscle' guarding the convoys of TRUK Crawlers crossing 'Seven Tigers Bridge'.44444
(3 votes)
BMW 330ci777 viewsThis was done on my own, just because I like the car. It will be included in the 2008 extras DVD, of which I am very proud.44444
(3 votes)
ferrari of houston~0.jpg
Ferrari of Houston920 viewsThis is the dealership for Ferrari here in Houston. Its a project that I did for a school project.44444
(3 votes)
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