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THE END part2 vfx shot 1 views675 views
I'm using Hash to do all of my VFX as it is fast, intuitive, and the results are amazing! This is just 1 of many shots in this film that should be premiering sometime by December.
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737 viewsThe bad guy who consumes the cast [ cast of 'one'] in a nearly finished short. [2.5 min/ 8-22-07]22222
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She loves chocolate1141 views22222
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pre cor liquid ring pump and booster0.jpg
Liquid ring vacuum pump with booster1828 viewsThis will eventually be animated to show the blower rotors (in brass) rotating and air flowing through it. The the air flows into the liquid ring pump which compresses it and discharges as a mixture of gas and water. The lower impeller will cause the water in the cavity to spin around like a whirlpool.22222
(13 votes)
Turkey732 viewsi made this guy a week after i got AM22222
(3 votes)
2007 jaguar xk1367 viewsSomethin I've been workin on22222
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Pinguin in love...1284 viewsthis is my first character model22222
(4 votes)
2007 jaguar xk1144 viewssomethin I've been workin on22222
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melyssa close up0.jpg
melyssa829 viewsbeen working on my own hip hop video chick [every tru playa should have one. but seriously though one day I was checking out King magazine and looking at Melyssa Ford and ended up using a pic of her face to practice flattening and texturing. in the process of animating her. today I just finished putting in the skeletal rig and will be animating her soon. 22222
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987 views11111
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gaara wip 2.JPG
gaara from naruto1032 views11111
(2 votes)
gaara wip.JPG
gaara from naruto1018 views00000
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