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Martin's Appartment from WIP "Alien Invasion"720 views33333
(2 votes)
Easy Guitar Modeling584 views
After making the Guitar and Violin model I planed to make a tutorial on how to make a guitar with just one rota scope. I still might make tutorial if I get enough people ask me and I get a new faster computer LOL
(2 votes)
Masks1027 viewsWWW.HOTBLOKS.COM33333
(2 votes)
Opi the grandpa1021 viewsThis is my new grandpa-character.
I experimented with shaders, materials and bump-maps, expressions and my own rig.
Everything was built from scratch after 3 pencil-images I painted.

C&C welcome.
(7 votes)
Power Thieves2032 viewsThis was a test render for the heros contest (Dec 2004).
The belt is displaying distortion caused by badly arranged dynamic bones. The buildings are quick stand-ins.
(4 votes)
Head(james)1998 viewsMy second attempt at modeling, my friends head, havent touched it in ages but will eventually finish it, promise!22222
(4 votes)
Saleen S71289 viewsThis is my first serious attempt to create a smooth car body. It has a long way to go, but it gets better every day.22222
(5 votes)
20041106 NEW gate test render 004.jpg
Full Geometry Chainlink Fence2122 viewsA scene for a client for visualizing court testimony. The fence is completely geometry except for the material applied to the wood slats.
Each of the two gate sections use over 10,000 patches with the entire scene using almost 30,000 patches.
(5 votes)
Dwarven Axe.jpg
Dwaven Axe1192 viewsMy first try at modeling the Axe that was used by Gimli in LOTR22222
(4 votes)
Roblean Boy (Security Sidekick)1609 views22222
(4 votes)
SpiderChase 1.jpg
Spider Chase1441 viewsMade in A:M 9.5 and 11.0, this is a frame of an animatic for a live action proof of concept.22222
(3 votes)
M 16 485 views22222
(2 votes)
KOAN assembled.jpg
General Koan438 viewsGeneral Koan is complete along with 10 other guys in either Fighter gear or regular uniform. I still have to do the characters on the other side of the conflict but this is proving to be ten times easier than I thought. And as I said so many times before I love how Hash works!22222
(2 votes)
my parasaur 0.jpg
Parasaurolophus483 viewsThis is a parasaurolophus that Nathanael Stoner of Robobill Animations has been working on in his spare time. It has yet to be rigged.22222
(2 votes)
yayi dbrown thin outlines.jpg
the queen is back866 viewsthis is a head model of the queen of bikes. motorcycle stuntress queen Yayi. just finished her new body and will be animating soon.22222
(2 votes)
Its a gate574 viewsIts a Stargate...although not that good22222
(1 votes)
Feature animation from - Squib 2008616 viewsFeature length family movie about an alien who visits earth and brings trouble with him. To be released at the end of 200822222
(1 votes)
Buzz birthday681 viewstest rendering of violin models I made22222
(1 votes)
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