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Hairy Donut3696 viewsJust playing around with A:M hair . . . trying to get the best hair possible33333
(12 votes)
M&M Plain1818 views33333
(4 votes)
Morning News still from WIP "Alien Invasion"712 viewsI used the Anouncer from the Hash Disk. I thought he was perfect just as he was except for a few rigging adjustments and phoneme and face expression pose sliders. The rest is origional.33333
(2 votes)
Martin's Appartment from WIP "Alien Invasion"652 views33333
(2 votes)
Easy Guitar Modeling511 views
After making the Guitar and Violin model I planed to make a tutorial on how to make a guitar with just one rota scope. I still might make tutorial if I get enough people ask me and I get a new faster computer LOL
(2 votes)
Masks958 viewsWWW.HOTBLOKS.COM33333
(2 votes)
Power Thieves1954 viewsThis was a test render for the heros contest (Dec 2004).
The belt is displaying distortion caused by badly arranged dynamic bones. The buildings are quick stand-ins.
(4 votes)
Head(james)1897 viewsMy second attempt at modeling, my friends head, havent touched it in ages but will eventually finish it, promise!22222
(4 votes)
Saleen S71217 viewsThis is my first serious attempt to create a smooth car body. It has a long way to go, but it gets better every day.22222
(5 votes)
Hash award1772 viewsMy 1st model Gumby So i just made this TROPHY.22222
(5 votes)
pre cor liquid ring pump and booster0.jpg
Liquid ring vacuum pump with booster1737 viewsThis will eventually be animated to show the blower rotors (in brass) rotating and air flowing through it. The the air flows into the liquid ring pump which compresses it and discharges as a mixture of gas and water. The lower impeller will cause the water in the cavity to spin around like a whirlpool.22222
(12 votes)
20041106 NEW gate test render 004.jpg
Full Geometry Chainlink Fence2017 viewsA scene for a client for visualizing court testimony. The fence is completely geometry except for the material applied to the wood slats.
Each of the two gate sections use over 10,000 patches with the entire scene using almost 30,000 patches.
(5 votes)
Dwarven Axe.jpg
Dwaven Axe1117 viewsMy first try at modeling the Axe that was used by Gimli in LOTR22222
(4 votes)
Roblean Boy (Security Sidekick)1536 views22222
(4 votes)
SpiderChase 1.jpg
Spider Chase1368 viewsMade in A:M 9.5 and 11.0, this is a frame of an animatic for a live action proof of concept.22222
(3 votes)
Its a gate477 viewsIts a Stargate...although not that good22222
(1 votes)
Feature animation from - Squib 2008541 viewsFeature length family movie about an alien who visits earth and brings trouble with him. To be released at the end of 200822222
(1 votes)
Buzz birthday602 viewstest rendering of violin models I made22222
(1 votes)
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