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Tiger I595 viewsFamous German WWII tank that I started to model as a tank tread excercise. Now I will go all out to model and texture it.33333
(2 votes)
Lamborghini Gallardo708 viewsThis is my first serious attempt at creating a car in Animation:Master. The rims and tires are not the actual ones that will be used on the finished model. Still have a ways to go on it, but am fairly pleased with how it is turning out.33333
(2 votes)
master marine_0001.jpg
marine from warhammer 4000 dawn of war1287 viewsconnor112case@aol.com33333
(2 votes)
Test badguy 2b30.jpg
ORIGIN OF MAN - Badguy443 viewsIn the works, figuring out all the characters, how to construct the models in which it will look good and yet be economical. This particular character is a creepy badguy, but needs to be "Kid friendly". So I figured that Ill make him look a little freaky and use its acting to work in the freakyness. Cool idea, Im pretty satisfied with it and moving right along with the project!33333
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413 views33333
(1 votes)
ALIEN for SIGHTINGS!667 viewsThis is my sci-fi critter for a comedy where these little buggers try to take over earth, well at least some of it. This is already a fun project and looking forward to going from pre-production to Production!!!!33333
(1 votes)
my first 3-d creations607 views33333
(1 votes)
truck preview0.jpg
peterbuilt542 viewsmy first try at a truck33333
(1 votes)
Bridge Party1415 viewsA continuing work that paused in an interesting place.33333
(9 votes)
Mechanical dragonfly1515 viewsI've just finished the modelling on this. The final choreography and animation wil follow soon.33333
(8 votes)
Wolverine continues to evolve1057 views33333
(5 votes)
the Biker1704 viewsthis is a character that i created to star a short movie called " The Biker"... you can check updates in A:M forum http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15409 33333
(5 votes)
Hash award1851 viewsMy 1st model Gumby So i just made this TROPHY.33333
(6 votes)
Martin's Kitchen from WIP "Alien Invasion"699 views33333
(3 votes)
a fighter from JPN919 viewsHi, This is a model of martial arts movie making now.33333
(3 votes)
Hairy Donut3841 viewsJust playing around with A:M hair . . . trying to get the best hair possible33333
(12 votes)
Audi R8 Tire and Wheel805 viewsStarted work on my second car, an Audi R8. This is the tire and wheel for it.33333
(2 votes)
Morning News still from WIP "Alien Invasion"786 viewsI used the Anouncer from the Hash Disk. I thought he was perfect just as he was except for a few rigging adjustments and phoneme and face expression pose sliders. The rest is origional.33333
(2 votes)
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