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Saleen S7 interior1937 views33333
(9 votes)
close up jay R3.jpg
Jay z model988 viewsHash is reppin Hip hop bigtime on 07. currently tweaking short animations of jay for use as animated ringtones.33333
(3 votes)
Futuristic car2842 views33333
(7 votes)
Water Slide Wallpaper3953 viewsAn homage to the DOAX Volleyball 2 trailer.33333
(11 votes)
Merovingian's scene - Matrix Reloaded1063 viewsThere's still a lot of modeling left to do and after that a lot of texturing, but I think it's gonna be nice...33333
(4 votes)
Giant Robo2546 viewsThis is a model i am working on of Giant Robo. From the Jonny Sakko and his flying robot tv show.33333
(9 votes)
mika2871 viewsAnother wallpaper.33333
(12 votes)
Press Release of Professor Weizenheimer from WIP "Alien Invasion"725 viewsHair is expensive but well worth the time to get the Einstein look. He is complete with German Accent.33333
(6 votes)
Anime Guy918 views33333
(6 votes)
M&M Plain1833 views33333
(5 votes)
face Make1023 viewsMy 1st attempt @ making a 3d model of my own face for my avatar for IMVU chat33333
(4 votes)
2007 jaguar xk1495 viewssomethin I've been workin on33333
(4 votes)
the Biker2396 viewsthis is a character that i created to star a short movie called " The Biker"... you can check updates in A:M forum http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15409 33333
(4 votes)
Bones in the Mirror2765 viewsThis was an exercise with lighting, reflective and transparency, as well as a bit of depth of field. This is a masterful peace of software.33333
(3 votes)
Initial Man (Security Officer)2088 views33333
(3 votes)
ALIEN 3D jp.jpg
ALIEN for sci fi movie "Sightings"715 viewsThis is my sci-fi critter for a comedy where these little buggers try to take over earth, well at least some of it. This is already a fun project and looking forward to going from pre-production to Production!!!!33333
(2 votes)
HD POSE0.jpg
HD Breaking Bad535 viewsAn on going project to help get Humpty Dumpty up to date.33333
(2 votes)
Tiger I534 viewsFamous German WWII tank that I started to model as a tank tread excercise. Now I will go all out to model and texture it.33333
(2 votes)
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