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The Penitents Gate/ City of Vaage776 viewsOne of three gates to a ratty little frontier garrison town.44444
(3 votes)
Facial Expression Exam.687 views44444
(2 votes)
The Rocker409 viewsa second variation of my new character.44444
(2 votes)
599 -9G.jpg
Ferrari 599728 viewsDuring the modeling and lighting of my latest WIP, I tried a Neon filter in PS and wanted to share it with you guys. 44444
(2 votes)
USS Enterprise749 viewsBased on a re-design by Gabriel Koerner44444
(2 votes)
658 views44444
(2 votes)
TALKER and SHRIMP_02.jpg
Talker w/ shrimp649 viewsTalker is the star of my first short "Intimations of Immortality'44444
(2 votes)
VEN shot copy.jpg
THE END part2 vfx shot672 viewsI'm using Hash to do all of my VFX as it is fast, intuitive, and the results are amazing! This is just 1 of many shots in this film that should be premiering sometime by December.44444
(1 votes)
Jurassic Shrimp715 viewsThe first guy eaten in "Intimations of Immortality"44444
(1 votes)
964 viewsThe RPV Attack Drone that shoots up the 'Bad-Guy' Crawlers on 'Seven Tigers Bridge'. [One of six]44444
(1 votes)
Character WIP : "Jedi Knight Xan Li" (pronounced ZAN LEE)3512 viewsThis is a character that I've had in my head for a while. He's the main character in my own Star Wars Fan Film that is currently in pre-production. 44444
(23 votes)
tropical storm5494 views44444
(23 votes)
722 views44444
(5 votes)
A Robot Confused1169 viewsI'm still trying to add detail to this world. Any suggestions are welcome.44444
(5 votes)
cutie3376 viewsJust thought this would be fun.44444
(18 votes)
820 views44444
(4 votes)
living room910 viewsits my first scene that i plan to use radiosity for. the lighting shown here is just so that the render looks good and i have an idea of the final render. the painting on the wall is a vincent van gogh paint ting, can you guess which ;) ?44444
(4 votes)
Rom Pitt (head)5512 viewsMug shot. Hair is final. using maps for hair (Length, density) with two hair types to make the finer hairs denser in the front and thicker hairs more promenent behind them. Lashes are a seperate hair group/ material. I used the grooming tools extensively to lengthen, density, directionally comb.44444
(41 votes)
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