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my first 3-d creations601 views
Tiger I591 viewsFamous German WWII tank that I started to model as a tank tread excercise. Now I will go all out to model and texture it.
Easy Guitar Modeling584 views
After making the Guitar and Violin model I planed to make a tutorial on how to make a guitar with just one rota scope. I still might make tutorial if I get enough people ask me and I get a new faster computer LOL
Its a gate574 viewsIts a Stargate...although not that good
I told you we should have asked for directions...573 views
Get the boot557 views
truck preview0.jpg
peterbuilt538 viewsmy first try at a truck
Queen sekhmet Figure0.jpg
Queen Sekhmet from ORIGIN OF MAN completed513 viewsSo far so good, making huge progress on building the assets for this project! Cant wait to get it all put together and start pounding out the footage!
M 16 485 views
my parasaur 0.jpg
Parasaurolophus483 viewsThis is a parasaurolophus that Nathanael Stoner of Robobill Animations has been working on in his spare time. It has yet to be rigged.
DEMON ROAR54 copy.jpg
Fully rigged and animated471 viewsFinally finished off the rigging and poses. Taking him out for a test spin, figured I would share. I love this guy, kinda mix between a Bat and a T rex! Can't wait till I animated the movie, it'll be pretty sweet!
Test badguy 2b30.jpg
ORIGIN OF MAN - Badguy439 viewsIn the works, figuring out all the characters, how to construct the models in which it will look good and yet be economical. This particular character is a creepy badguy, but needs to be "Kid friendly". So I figured that Ill make him look a little freaky and use its acting to work in the freakyness. Cool idea, Im pretty satisfied with it and moving right along with the project!
KOAN assembled.jpg
General Koan438 viewsGeneral Koan is complete along with 10 other guys in either Fighter gear or regular uniform. I still have to do the characters on the other side of the conflict but this is proving to be ten times easier than I thought. And as I said so many times before I love how Hash works!
Exploding Moon438 viewsAnother WIP image from Earth Link: Zero. Another opening space shot, part of the Lava Moon shot.
The Rocker435 viewsa second variation of my new character.
Wood house.JPG
House for SHort project435 viewsJust completed building the house for the short story. Absolutely love how easy this software is to create models like this and have it look good!
Drill426 views
Lava Moon414 viewsA WIP image from Earth Link: Zero, one of the opening space shots of episode 1, Destiny and Reason.
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