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LIFE 2.1 Robot866 viewsMy first model using Animation Master. Work in progress character for a 10 min short.
599 -10.jpg
599865 viewsSupercar WIP
Donut Shop Set from WIP "Alien Invasian"860 viewsI'm in to the detail, Some of which will never showup in the final, but I KNOW IT'S THERE
WWII Tiger Tank854 viewsUploaded 4/24/2008 - Started out as an example of how to model a tread. Kinda got carried away with it. After some more grunge and background it will be featured in the Showcase.
yayi dbrown thin outlines.jpg
the queen is back839 viewsthis is a head model of the queen of bikes. motorcycle stuntress queen Yayi. just finished her new body and will be animating soon.
m4 helmet-0.jpg
Military Helmet838 views
melyssa close up0.jpg
melyssa799 viewsbeen working on my own hip hop video chick [every tru playa should have one. but seriously though one day I was checking out King magazine and looking at Melyssa Ford and ended up using a pic of her face to practice flattening and texturing. in the process of animating her. today I just finished putting in the skeletal rig and will be animating her soon.
The Penitents Gate/ City of Vaage776 viewsOne of three gates to a ratty little frontier garrison town.
ALIEN 3D jp.jpg
ALIEN for sci fi movie "Sightings"775 viewsThis is my sci-fi critter for a comedy where these little buggers try to take over earth, well at least some of it. This is already a fun project and looking forward to going from pre-production to Production!!!!
Press Release of Professor Weizenheimer from WIP "Alien Invasion"771 viewsHair is expensive but well worth the time to get the Einstein look. He is complete with German Accent.
Morning News still from WIP "Alien Invasion"757 viewsI used the Anouncer from the Hash Disk. I thought he was perfect just as he was except for a few rigging adjustments and phoneme and face expression pose sliders. The rest is origional.
Audi R8 Tire and Wheel755 viewsStarted work on my second car, an Audi R8. This is the tire and wheel for it.
USS Enterprise749 viewsBased on a re-design by Gabriel Koerner
599 -9G.jpg
Ferrari 599728 viewsDuring the modeling and lighting of my latest WIP, I tried a Neon filter in PS and wanted to share it with you guys.
Jurassic Shrimp715 viewsThe first guy eaten in "Intimations of Immortality"
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