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Jinx Castle1706 viewsThis castle is being created for "The Scarecrow of Oz" movie. Hope you like it.
the Biker1704 viewsthis is a character that i created to star a short movie called " The Biker"... you can check updates in A:M forum http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15409
Ipod (wip)1693 viewsfirst try at modeling real world objects
Roblean Boy (Security Sidekick)1615 views
Droid Starfighter (without colour).PNG
Droid Starfighter WIP1558 views
2007 jaguar xk1552 viewssomethin I've been workin on
Old Man1524 views
Mechanical dragonfly1513 viewsI've just finished the modelling on this. The final choreography and animation wil follow soon.
SpiderChase 1.jpg
Spider Chase1448 viewsMade in A:M 9.5 and 11.0, this is a frame of an animatic for a live action proof of concept.
Bridge Party1414 viewsA continuing work that paused in an interesting place.
new 07 melyssa hot0.jpg
Melyssa ford nu model1370 viewsfelt like making a nu melyssa. look for her soon on HCTV. made with v12.
2007 jaguar xk1367 viewsSomethin I've been workin on
Saleen S71293 viewsThis is my first serious attempt to create a smooth car body. It has a long way to go, but it gets better every day.
master marine_0001.jpg
marine from warhammer 4000 dawn of war1287 viewsconnor112case@aol.com
Pinguin in love...1283 viewsthis is my first character model
A Robot Confused1224 viewsI'm still trying to add detail to this world. Any suggestions are welcome.
Dwarven Axe.jpg
Dwaven Axe1201 viewsMy first try at modeling the Axe that was used by Gimli in LOTR
2007 jaguar xk1144 viewssomethin I've been workin on
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