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Giant Robo2601 viewsThis is a model i am working on of Giant Robo. From the Jonny Sakko and his flying robot tv show.
Car2579 viewsCar
Relections in a mirror cube2531 views
Guitar2456 viewsGuitar
the Biker2438 viewsthis is a character that i created to star a short movie called " The Biker"... you can check updates in A:M forum http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15409
Ballet Pour Ma Fille2243 viewsA still from the film "Ballet Pour Ma Fille," by Peter Shafer.
Clone Trooper.PNG
Clone Trooper2194 views
Initial Man (Security Officer)2122 views
20041106 NEW gate test render 004.jpg
Full Geometry Chainlink Fence2089 viewsA scene for a client for visualizing court testimony. The fence is completely geometry except for the material applied to the wood slats.
Each of the two gate sections use over 10,000 patches with the entire scene using almost 30,000 patches.
Power Thieves2006 viewsThis was a test render for the heros contest (Dec 2004).
The belt is displaying distortion caused by badly arranged dynamic bones. The buildings are quick stand-ins.
Saleen S7 interior1986 views
Jedi starfighter (without colour).PNG
Jedi Starfighter WIP1970 views
Head(james)1961 viewsMy second attempt at modeling, my friends head, havent touched it in ages but will eventually finish it, promise!
Droideka with colour.PNG
Droideka1906 views
M&M Plain1877 views
Hash award1822 viewsMy 1st model Gumby So i just made this TROPHY.
pre cor liquid ring pump and booster0.jpg
Liquid ring vacuum pump with booster1793 viewsThis will eventually be animated to show the blower rotors (in brass) rotating and air flowing through it. The the air flows into the liquid ring pump which compresses it and discharges as a mixture of gas and water. The lower impeller will cause the water in the cavity to spin around like a whirlpool.
Bull Demon1769 viewsWork in progress on a demonic character
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