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Blue Jean Baby, A:M Lady8652 viewsWorking on a little more realism with photographic textures
fig 52 In Progress8034 viewsNothing has been photoshopped on this yet, except for a subtle smoothing of the face. In the final version, her costume will be changed, and the colors and contrast will be tweaked.
Rom Pitt (head)5468 viewsMug shot. Hair is final. using maps for hair (Length, density) with two hair types to make the finer hairs denser in the front and thicker hairs more promenent behind them. Lashes are a seperate hair group/ material. I used the grooming tools extensively to lengthen, density, directionally comb.
tropical storm5464 views
Perfect Chaos4452 viewsPerfect Chaos was the final Boss in Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast.
Water Slide Wallpaper3982 viewsAn homage to the DOAX Volleyball 2 trailer.
Hairy Donut3751 viewsJust playing around with A:M hair . . . trying to get the best hair possible
Rom Pitt (body)3603 views1st character for my animated movie short. Just a final render test. Textures are not final. Used 2 light dome skycast and one strong klieg light.

~more to come!
Redhead Hair WIP3544 viewsTrying the v11 hair system
Character WIP : "Jedi Knight Xan Li" (pronounced ZAN LEE)3483 viewsThis is a character that I've had in my head for a while. He's the main character in my own Star Wars Fan Film that is currently in pre-production.
cutie3353 viewsJust thought this would be fun.
Saleen S72965 viewsS7 almost completed. Thanks to Xtaz for help on render settings.
mika2904 viewsAnother wallpaper.
Futuristic car2867 views
Battle droid body.PNG
Battle Droid2847 views
Haru head final.2816 viewsThe final version of my anime characters head.
Bones in the Mirror2786 viewsThis was an exercise with lighting, reflective and transparency, as well as a bit of depth of field. This is a masterful peace of software.
Giant Robo2574 viewsThis is a model i am working on of Giant Robo. From the Jonny Sakko and his flying robot tv show.
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