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Aaron in id.png
Aaron in twib586 viewsThis is a pic i made of a scean whith Aaron in "the world in bettween".
for more info on this place and the project goto
[url=http://www.freewebs.com/newworldgames/]New World Games[/url
If you want in on the project e-mail me at
hash_card1197 viewsHASH X-MAS CARD
inocular dominion737 viewsdoing work on a:m for project is realy all i have time for.heres another one i did
3D kitty1818 viewssourcefiles can be yound at Cute yiffbefore clicking that link, you must be a legal adult on your country

Landscape721 viewsThis is an update to the original image I uploaded.
Lone Rock in Grassy Hills J5 WEB2.jpg
Lone Rock in Grassy Hills422 viewsRandom idea I had. Grass is hair particles, total of over 20k hairs and leaves.
new hill test final0 small.jpg
Grassy hill with tree552 viewsWarm spring afternoon. Created in 1 hour (Minus preview renders). Final render 48min at 3000x1600 4pass
tree 02.jpg
Trees on water347 viewsCreated by, Hans Moore using Animation Master
tree 23.jpg
winter trees on water388 viewsCreated by, Hans Moore using Animation Master
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