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Bakteria21021 viewsOn of the pictures of my bakteria-series.

For further informations visit my website under: www.amprojekte.de.vu
Bakteria939 viewsThis is one of the pictures of my project Bakteria.
For further informations visit my website under: www.amprojekte.de.vu
Father817 viewsFinal render of the 'Father' model.
film screenshot.jpg
Dodo with Box343 viewsThis is a screenshot of Robobill Animations' film, The Contraption. The Dodo is standing next to the box for his new 'Obnoxious Guy You Don't Like Be Gone'. I tried to upload the film, but it wouldn't work; you can see it both on my website and at http://www.youtube.com/robobillanimations.
gollum1910 viewsGOLLUM
Home Cinema Theatre610 views
Jupiter and Amalthea462 viewsThe irregular moon Amalthea orbiting above Jupiter.
Mother981 viewsFinal render of 'Mother' model
Peg's Mansion1060 viewsBella Bear and her friends posing for the camera outisde Peg's Old Mansion
Troll Finish.jpg
Troll2590 viewsA variation of the LOTR movie troll.
The Cathedral1546 views
Zim_s House0.jpg
Invader Zim House523 viewsThis is a picture I made for my final Project in my animation class, its my first upload.
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