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A Robot Confused1193 viewsI'm still trying to add detail to this world. Any suggestions are welcome.
charlesbabbagerobby.jpg2275 viewsROBBY THE ROBOT
Egg Carrier.jpg
Egg Carrier1733 viewsI created this character for fun.. V8
Giant Robo2617 viewsThis is a model i am working on of Giant Robo. From the Jonny Sakko and his flying robot tv show.
Simple Mecha1239 viewsHehehe, first upload!
Well it's a simple mecha (didnt take long time to make) and I tried to give it abit of a dark anime look. It's mostly an experiment. The mecha is rigged with bones and the next step is to make this "thing" walk, run and jump.
Pod16abrushed shader on sphere0.jpg
EVA590 views
Popbot: Cornell and Kitty2415 viewsRadiosity rendered version of Popbot comic from IDW publishing.
LIFE 2.1 Robot878 viewsMy first model using Animation Master. Work in progress character for a 10 min short.
Bubble Headded Booby420 viewsThis is the B9 robot from the classic 1960's TV show Lost In Space. It is shown on the flight deck of the Jupiter 2.
Life 2.0592 viewsA still from the movie. The moon and stars are an image file, the rest was modeled and rendered in Animation Master. The black levels were adjusted in Photoshop.
Robots1408 viewsFor further informations see my website under:
Robots1330 viewsFor further informations visit my website:
A Night on the Town807 viewsTwo robots looking for something to do on a Friday night.
Knight Sabers1101 views3 of the 4 Knight Sabers from the anime series Bubblegum Crisis. The background took me about 6 hours to make... ;)
car surfing842 viewsAnother still from my music video.
Bubblegum Crisis Spider799 viewsThis is a robot a modeled from the Bubblegum Crisis anime.
Second chance animation shot 7 copy.jpg
"Strange luck" still350 viewsAlong with the other stills I finished this 6.5 minutes short film in 17 - 20 hour days. It has been submitted to the Portland film and video fest and now waiting to see if it gets selected. So after all of that I hope for the best. Enjoy the stills.
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