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Blue desk whit red chair1075 viewsradiosity test
Traditional Hallway338 viewsThis is for a Holiday card. The original concept was to emphasize a one point perspective. The lighting is radiosity with about 9 different lights. 100,000 photons cast. The star, color correction, vignette, and some of the grain were added in post with After FX.
Cold Bathroom979 viewsThis place is without embrace. The eerie stillness haunts those who enter.
Residential Lap Pool 2703 viewsThis is yet another architectural sketch of mine. Loosely inspired by my last one. I used the pool model from the last one as well. Radiosity for the light, 100,000 photons and 2,000 sample size.
Ford GT40 Beauty Render Rad-0.jpg
Ford GT40 MK1672 viewsThis is the first car that I have ever attempted to model.
The scene was rendered using radiosity.
1,000,000 Photons
3:10:05 5pass @ 720p
Key chain.jpg
Key chain2296 viewsA radiosity test.
Strange ideas4584 viewsradiosity test
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