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Wrong Place Wrong Time1371 viewsEver found urself in the wrong place at the wrong time? not a good feeling.. Sometimes it just best to turn right around and run!!

Sang was hungry and went looking for food in a rough area of the ocean..Bumped into daddy!!! and baby worms and realized his stay should be short!!!

ALL Done in HASH Animation Master V11... FX painted in "THE GIMP"....
Blind Fish.jpg
Blind Killer Fish713 viewsI created this fish a few years ago in V8 and thought I would do a toon render version....The idea was to create a Blind Killer Fish......Done in Animation Master V11 [ ToonRender ]
Spliv vy1112 viewsI was just having some fun with this character, just playing with some concept designs....Modeled/rendered in Animation Master V11.
Chamber of Music.jpg
Chamber Of Thoughts2112 viewscreated this scene from an idea I had for a few yrs now, true to life feeling!!!

Sometimes there is a "song/thought" that plays in your head and u can't get rid of it..You sleep and awake and it's still there; harrassing the soul...It brings emotions ( anger,pain,bad memories,depression,love,encouragement ) makes you feel traped within the corners of your mind...

Makes you wanna scream and express; but no one can HEAR!! you..

ALL done in Animation Master V11.....
Chuggin along6a0.jpg
Nautilus594 views
Fish1311 viewsThis is the freaky Fish model we sell on eggprops

You can find it <here>
Coca Cola Fish1394 viewsWHAT? u never saw a fish enjoying a Coca Cola before? u should get out some more!!

all done in HASH Animation Master V11....
LevVy2203 viewsI created LevVy based on a dream I had a few years ago......Lev_Vy was modeled and textured in HASH Animation Master 8.5...
"Parlo-The Pimp Fish"1391 viewsI created parlo for fun....Modeled / rendered in Animation Master V11.0...
Prisoner of Evil.jpg
Still Life- Prisoner of Evil2048 viewsI created this scene as an inspirational turning point in my life....... The fish represents the old me..... A:M V11.........
skiff Test.jpg
Finally at Rest493 views
Ferox Trout690 viewsFinal render of the 'Ferox Trout' model.
Twiggy938 viewsA fish I created for fun... A:M V11
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