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Rom Pitt (body)3679 views1st character for my animated movie short. Just a final render test. Textures are not final. Used 2 light dome skycast and one strong klieg light.

~more to come!
Bull Demon1816 viewsWork in progress on a demonic character
Captured!5178 viewsAn entry for one of the Fantasy themed Hash image contests. I played with light lists a lot on this one. Third place after Den Beauvais and Joe Williamson. Not too shabby.
Cybernetic sentinel.jpg
Hash being used in the urban marketplace564 viewsthe images I rendered while in the final stages of the modeling process. some will be used as animated ringtones and others like the sentinel is from a cartoon series called victory [which i created.] the animated short is gonna be on the Urban Slam dvd vol 2 in spring of 2007. animation master has saved my career and helped get me my first dvd deal. its taken my artistic skills to the next level and I just wanna say thank you martin hash and the rest of the hash inc crew for looking out for us. Holla!!
Dragon fight338 views
Meditation817 viewsDrakos prepares for a showdown
Meditiation (Toon)890 viewsDrakos prepares for a showdown.
melyssa close up0.jpg
melyssa829 viewsbeen working on my own hip hop video chick [every tru playa should have one. but seriously though one day I was checking out King magazine and looking at Melyssa Ford and ended up using a pic of her face to practice flattening and texturing. in the process of animating her. today I just finished putting in the skeletal rig and will be animating her soon.
Perch1070 viewsA Demon on the Prowl.
Pod16abrushed shader on sphere0.jpg
EVA611 views
walk again sh.jpg
image from Victory710 viewsthis is a grab from Victory the animated series. Sentinels walk out of the fog. its the intro scene to these insect like characters.
yayi dbrown thin outlines.jpg
the queen is back870 viewsthis is a head model of the queen of bikes. motorcycle stuntress queen Yayi. just finished her new body and will be animating soon.
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