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Saturn446 views
Saturn549 viewsA view looking down on Saturn's north pole, showing the "hexagon" cloud formation.
Saturn312 viewsSaturn in northern hemisphere winter. As observed by the Cassini probe, both the planet's axial tilt and the shadow of the rings create lower temperatures at high latitudes, and Rayleigh scattering from ice crystals in the atmosphere causes the clouds to turn blue. This was modeled by applying a projection map containing both a normal Saturn texture and one that was colorized blue in Photoshop. A gradient driven by a smartskin transitions from one map to the other.
Saturn464 viewsThe Sun shines through Saturn's rings.
Saturn and Mimas338 viewsMimas, Saturn's innermost major moon. This view shows the giant crater Herschel, and the smaller crater Arthur is also prominent at the lower left of the moon. The model was textured with a displacement map.
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