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(Office Card) Pool Tests A_1.jpg
Residential Lap Pool1320 viewsI created this scene initially as archviz practice. I was inspired so by the short, The Third and the Seventh. Everything was done in A:M. Lighting was a mix of AO and a single Sun light.
Plateau of Leng757 viewsThis was done for one of the informal A:M forum contests. The Plateau of Leng is the city of the "old ones" discovered by the Antarctic expedition in the H. P. Lovecraft novel "At the Mountains of Madness". I did not have time to make the buildings look ancient and weathered, but I did try to give a clear sense of the immense size of the city. To keep rendering to reasonable times, I rendered images of a segment of the city from various directions and then composited the images to assemble the city.
ferrari of houston.jpg
Ferrari of Houston571 viewsThis was a project that I did for school about 1 and a half years ago. Its the ferrari of houston dealership.
Residential Lap Pool 2736 viewsThis is yet another architectural sketch of mine. Loosely inspired by my last one. I used the pool model from the last one as well. Radiosity for the light, 100,000 photons and 2,000 sample size.
3D kitty1854 viewssourcefiles can be yound at Cute yiffbefore clicking that link, you must be a legal adult on your country

Temple inside706 viewsThis is a scene made for my job. Were in the process of making a full length feature film called Absalom.
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