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alien queen.jpg
Alien Queen (mouth zoom)518 viewsa close up view of the alien queen's mouth
final queen1.jpg
Alien Queen Textured568 viewsThis is the same Alien Queen model, with textures just recently put in, textures done in Photoshop.
new queen18.jpg
Alien Queen555 viewsanother picture from my alien queen model
new queen22.jpg
Alien Queen (resting)544 viewsthe alien queen model im making for possible movies im going to make
queen glance.jpg
Final Queen574 viewsHere is an image of my finally completed, rigged, and textured model... the Alien Queen.
Alien Queen Final rest584 viewsHere is my completed model of the Alien Queen, resting with her tail curled around her.
Alien Queen Roar423 viewsThis is a picture of my completed model of the Alien Queen, in a snowy wasteland.
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