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Chamber of Music.jpg
Chamber Of Thoughts2133 viewscreated this scene from an idea I had for a few yrs now, true to life feeling!!!

Sometimes there is a "song/thought" that plays in your head and u can't get rid of it..You sleep and awake and it's still there; harrassing the soul...It brings emotions ( anger,pain,bad memories,depression,love,encouragement ) makes you feel traped within the corners of your mind...

Makes you wanna scream and express; but no one can HEAR!! you..

ALL done in Animation Master V11.....
Death Of Hunger.jpg
"Death Of Hunger"2170 viewsI created this Still Life as a composition study... A:M V8.5
Garden Of Praise.jpg
"Garden Of Praise"2054 viewsI was inspired to create this image based on a story in the Bible... I only used A:m's Materials to texture the scene, there are NO image maps used,All done in Animation Master V8..
Land Of End.jpg
"Land Of End"1793 viewsI created this for fun...... A:M V8.5
Slave To Words.jpg
"Slave To Words"1824 viewsI created this still life as a lighting/composition/shading study.. Texures were created / Tweaked in "The Gimp".. A:M V8
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