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Alien with SSS and 3D Painter930 viewsMade with the SSS from v14 Alpha 3. And painted with Pixosaur. Both are awesome.
Celtic Predator679 viewsHere is a male Predator model I just recently updated, with a Celtic helmet, standing in front of a wall. Hope you like it.
cletic close480.jpg
Celtic Predator close-up562 viewsThis is the male Predator model I am working on, wearing a Celtic helmet, with a close up view
Cruet Fighter approach.jpg
Cruet fighters approach408 viewsA couple space shots im working on for the movie "Origin" this is just one of them for your viewing pleasure. Not much but hey I cant wait to see the movie either. :)
Cyber413 viewsNothing much I just like her character and I just want to test to see if I could model them, she already seen it and love it. It seem I did okay job not what i have in mind. Need some more work but i just to busy.:-( Any comment would be nice thank you.

Here is her website http://www.kahunapuffin.net/
My email is sfx3d2002@yahoo.com
Origin of man - Cruet fighter- completed342 viewsThis is a nother shot for the viewing pleasure. Kind of gave it that CAR AD lighting look
Fighterpose4 copy.jpg
ORIGIN OF MAN - Cruet Fighter - Completed328 viewsThis is one of the cruet fighter space craft, little dark but I was testing lighting schemes to see how it would look and what I wanted.
ORIGIN OF MAN379 viewsPretty nice shot at a higher rez of the Fighter. Pretty cool stuff and enjoy making these vehicals as the movie is going into animation soon and as long as Im puming out one of these ships a day, my "armada" should look pretty good!
final queen1.jpg
Alien Queen Textured611 viewsThis is the same Alien Queen model, with textures just recently put in, textures done in Photoshop.
3D kitty1841 viewssourcefiles can be yound at Cute yiffbefore clicking that link, you must be a legal adult on your country

new 07 melyssa hot0.jpg
Melyssa ford nu model1351 viewsfelt like making a nu melyssa. look for her soon on HCTV. made with v12.
Alien Queen Roar456 viewsThis is a picture of my completed model of the Alien Queen, in a snowy wasteland.
Alien Ravager623 viewsThis is a model I completed just recently, took several months to complete, in Animation Master v. 13.
Shopping340 views
top of spire cam 6 r479.jpg
angelic monitoring station for victory movie542 viewsthe crossroads is where everything is seen. created with v12
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