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Nanyque - White Devil anime project993 viewsOne of the characters featured in the White Devil anime project.

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bai yu2155 viewsshe's chinese, albino, naked and beautiful... all at the same time.
Blind Fish.jpg
Blind Killer Fish725 viewsI created this fish a few years ago in V8 and thought I would do a toon render version....The idea was to create a Blind Killer Fish......Done in Animation Master V11 [ ToonRender ]
Buttery Spirit 1883 viewsFinal render of the 'Buttery Spirit 1' model.
Buttery Spirit 2719 viewsFinal render of the 'Buttery Spirit 2' model.
Highlander Calf710 viewsFinal Render of the 'Highlander Calf' model.

little moo, dang'it.
Highlander Cow855 viewsFinal render of the 'Highlander Cow' model.

Moo, dang'it, moo.
Cyber425 viewsNothing much I just like her character and I just want to test to see if I could model them, she already seen it and love it. It seem I did okay job not what i have in mind. Need some more work but i just to busy.:-( Any comment would be nice thank you.

Here is her website http://www.kahunapuffin.net/
My email is sfx3d2002@yahoo.com
Deae1641 viewsA character I recently completed, this is a desktop background I put together for myself. Figured I'd upload it and share.

Character WIP : "Dudley"1651 viewsDudley came about when I was viewing my both my daughters' Magnadoodle drawings (of which I snap digital photos of before they erase them). A couple of them had this googly-eyed fellow that I fell in love with. So, in essence, I cannot take full credit of the creation and/or inspiration of this character. I'm mainly going to use him animation tests and such- and maybe a short film, who knows.
Fay1055 viewsFinal render of 'Fay' of the grey-folk.
Fay (Old model)812 viewsFinal render of the original model for 'Fay'.

This was one of the first models I made for the 'Stolen Child' project. However after months of tearing my hair out trying to come up with a skirt rigging system that I liked, I gave up and redesigned her to something that was more within my rigging skills....
Haru head final.2880 viewsThe final version of my anime characters head.
3D kitty1854 viewssourcefiles can be yound at Cute yiffbefore clicking that link, you must be a legal adult on your country

Sleepless Magic810 viewsI created this scene based on a dream I had.......
Albert Einstein1852 viewsCharacter that's going to be used in a multimedia project about astronomy
Galileo Galilei1741 viewsCharacter that's going to be used in a multimedia project about astronomy
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