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Chaos 03789 viewsAnother Boss From Sonic Adventure. This is the early form of Perfect Chaos, Chaos Zero. In this shot Chaos Zero is reaching for a Chaos Emerald. I'm really happy about how the lighting turned out on this one.
Darth Vader2331 viewsName: Darth Vader
Occupation: Bad guy, pod racer, movie star
Patches: 3800
significant render options: 64pass
time to render: 4hrs
model creation time 3 days, on and off
Sonic 2 Final Boss1826 viewsIf anyone out there has beaten the video game Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Genesis, you know who this baddy is. Created and rendered in the same day. I give you My version of the final boss from sonic 2.
Join the darkside!1427 viewsLord Vader wants you to join the dark side!
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