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Albertasaur1532 viewsThis is the Albertasaur Dinosaur Joe Cosman modeled for eggprops.eggprops
Brownstone Apartment535 viewsThis is an elaborate model of a brownstone apartment I made for a project where I plan to animate trees magically growing along the row of apartments as a young girl and her brother plant seeds along the street. I used SkyCast (from ArtBox Animation) for the lighting.
Fokker DR1 on eggprops919 viewsThis is the Fokker DR1 model we sell on eggprops

You can check it out <here>

Horse1557 viewsThis is the horse model we have on eggprops
Horse1557 viewsThis is the horse model on eggprops

Old Book909 viewsThis is the old book model we sell on eggprops

You can find a direct link to it <here>
Raptor1051 viewsThis is the Raptor glam shot used on Eggprops. The Raptor model was created by Joe Cosman and Brian Prince had a hand in the textures.
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