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Vision12452 viewsa mechanical spider
actually a wip, but currently there are no plans of finishing this spot.
created and rendered with A:M 8.5
Brownstone Apartment560 viewsThis is an elaborate model of a brownstone apartment I made for a project where I plan to animate trees magically growing along the row of apartments as a young girl and her brother plant seeds along the street. I used SkyCast (from ArtBox Animation) for the lighting.
Car2615 viewsCar
Starship Challenger - A Tribute To Pioneering Spirits960 viewsJuly 2007 Mechanical Contest Entry
Guitar2483 viewsGuitar
Ipod (wip)1687 viewsfirst try at modeling real world objects
Mechanical dragonfly948 viewsThis is just a preview from an animation I'm currently working on. I thought it would be worth a look.
Animation wil follow soon, and so will my site www.zigncreations.com
replicant1865 viewsREPLICANT
The Coke Mill.jpg
The Coke Mill1749 views"The Coke Mill" was finished in 4 days and it demonstrates texturing. It was all done in Animation Master v.11. I made this for the mechanical contest at www.hash.com and I consider it my best piece yet. Getting the rust onto the can was extremely frustrating at first and I had to learn alpha mapping during the making of this so a lot came out of doing this image. [url=http://paulmcgrade.com/www.PaulMcgrade.com[/url]
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