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Traditional Hallway350 viewsThis is for a Holiday card. The original concept was to emphasize a one point perspective. The lighting is radiosity with about 9 different lights. 100,000 photons cast. The star, color correction, vignette, and some of the grain were added in post with After FX.
Balrog1633 viewsAM 11.1 Test Render w/ PS 7 lighting and post finishing. I am a AM 11 newbie and wanted to develop my animation skills. Love the interface.
Brownstone Apartment549 viewsThis is an elaborate model of a brownstone apartment I made for a project where I plan to animate trees magically growing along the row of apartments as a young girl and her brother plant seeds along the street. I used SkyCast (from ArtBox Animation) for the lighting.
Sunday2640 viewsLighting test
Film Noir814 viewsThis picture mostly came from A:M but has had a lot of postwork in photoshop.
Phantom of the Opera1481 viewsThis was more a rendering test than anything. I learned a lot about lighting and composition. The yellow things are spike tape. Thanks to everyone in the forum for your input. I didn't model the rose. I think it came from animationpitstop.com but I'm not sure. I want to give credit where credit is due!
HDR Test featuring Alain's Pig563 viewsFollowing examples in the Lighting forum, I used a semi transparent, panoramic dome and one of Yves' light rigs to create pretty realistic lighting for this character, found on the Extra CD.
Island thinking1095 viewsAnother still from an upcoming short film. A creature is sitting on a small deserted island pondering his existance.
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