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(Office Card) Pool Tests A_1.jpg
Residential Lap Pool1292 viewsI created this scene initially as archviz practice. I was inspired so by the short, The Third and the Seventh. Everything was done in A:M. Lighting was a mix of AO and a single Sun light.
USS Enterprise494 viewsBased on a re-design by Gabriel Koerner
USS Enterprise773 viewsBased on a re-design by Gabriel Koerner
Nanyque - White Devil anime project979 viewsOne of the characters featured in the White Devil anime project.

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It was just a bad dream sweetie...1152 viewsAn old favorite of mine from a few years ago.
Plateau of Leng743 viewsThis was done for one of the informal A:M forum contests. The Plateau of Leng is the city of the "old ones" discovered by the Antarctic expedition in the H. P. Lovecraft novel "At the Mountains of Madness". I did not have time to make the buildings look ancient and weathered, but I did try to give a clear sense of the immense size of the city. To keep rendering to reasonable times, I rendered images of a segment of the city from various directions and then composited the images to assemble the city.
Balrog1633 viewsAM 11.1 Test Render w/ PS 7 lighting and post finishing. I am a AM 11 newbie and wanted to develop my animation skills. Love the interface.
Battlefield: Firefighter989 viewsI made this image to showcase the two trucks I made for BFF hype.
Get the boot545 views
Buttery Spirit 1867 viewsFinal render of the 'Buttery Spirit 1' model.
Buttery Spirit 2706 viewsFinal render of the 'Buttery Spirit 2' model.
Highlander Calf698 viewsFinal Render of the 'Highlander Calf' model.

little moo, dang'it.
Highlander Cow841 viewsFinal render of the 'Highlander Cow' model.

Moo, dang'it, moo.
close up jay R3.jpg
Jay z model1039 viewsHash is reppin Hip hop bigtime on 07. currently tweaking short animations of jay for use as animated ringtones.
Cybernetic sentinel.jpg
Hash being used in the urban marketplace551 viewsthe images I rendered while in the final stages of the modeling process. some will be used as animated ringtones and others like the sentinel is from a cartoon series called victory [which i created.] the animated short is gonna be on the Urban Slam dvd vol 2 in spring of 2007. animation master has saved my career and helped get me my first dvd deal. its taken my artistic skills to the next level and I just wanna say thank you martin hash and the rest of the hash inc crew for looking out for us. Holla!!
Starship Challenger - A Tribute To Pioneering Spirits939 viewsJuly 2007 Mechanical Contest Entry
The Duck304 viewsThis is a duck character that I based off of my Dodo character.
Father804 viewsFinal render of the 'Father' model.
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