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Dawn FINAL0 Web small.jpg
Dawn at the Rocks487 viewsI did this image a few months back. This was a weekend prpject.
Garry Kolbaskin616 views
Hairy Donut3791 viewsJust playing around with A:M hair . . . trying to get the best hair possible
Face Close Up2025 viewsA test render for UV mapping and v11 Hair
Landscape750 viewsThis is an update to the original image I uploaded.
living room910 viewsits my first scene that i plan to use radiosity for. the lighting shown here is just so that the render looks good and i have an idea of the final render. the painting on the wall is a vincent van gogh paint ting, can you guess which ;) ?
Lone Rock in Grassy Hills J5 WEB2.jpg
Lone Rock in Grassy Hills443 viewsRandom idea I had. Grass is hair particles, total of over 20k hairs and leaves.
new hill test final0 small.jpg
Grassy hill with tree580 viewsWarm spring afternoon. Created in 1 hour (Minus preview renders). Final render 48min at 3000x1600 4pass
Painter...659 viewsA character reminiscent of the renaissance painters perphaps…
I Come In Peace898 viewsImage of a funky blue haired dude bringing a message of peace. You can buy products with this character on them at Url Text
raccoon left0.jpg
Raccoon side view354 viewsThis is a computer animated model of a raccoon done for a customer a while back. This is only a sample of some of the work that my company, Robobill Animations, can provide. My
e-mail is robobill@sbcglobal.net.
Redhead Hair WIP3573 viewsTrying the v11 hair system
Ringworld: Nessus and Speaker-to-Animals869 viewsThis is my 1st place winning entry in the March 2007 Hairy image contest, with color and lighting corrected in Photoshop. A scene from Larry Niven's novel Ringworld depicting Nessus and Speaker-to-Animals aboard the Lying Bastard, with the Ringworld in the background.
Extreme Winter Fun Line Snowbear424 viewsSnow character for a line of winter toys
Extreme Winter Fun Line SnowDino422 viewsSnow character for a line of winter toys
Extreme Winter Fun Line Snowman358 viewsSnow character for a line of winter toys
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