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3dfrog characters854 viewsAn image of some of the characters I have created. You can by products with these characters on them at Url Text
Lt. Tony "Aiden" Keith416 viewsThe first promo image for Earth Link Zero
Bad-Ass Aiden458 viewsAiden firing his gun at some unknown enemies from Episode 1, Destiny and Reason
Rom Pitt (body)3591 views1st character for my animated movie short. Just a final render test. Textures are not final. Used 2 light dome skycast and one strong klieg light.

~more to come!
freshman848 viewsmy 2nd character in A:M
Loomis Character Design446 viewsIn looking for a character design that would allow my animation students to explore animation with a simple yet realistic shape I encountered the sketchbooks of Andrew Loomis and his manikin design for burgeoning artists. This is my interpretation of Loomis' sketches. (coincidentally, I've found DAZ has a similar model featured in Poser named "Andrew")
Mutha Naycha in her Summer Finery1558 viewsWhat happens when you cross Betty White with Bette Midler? You get a ding-y dainty lady with plenty of brazen brooklyn sassy.
naked666 views:)
Opi the grandpa971 viewsThis is my new grandpa-character.
I experimented with shaders, materials and bump-maps, expressions and my own rig.
Everything was built from scratch after 3 pencil-images I painted.

C&C welcome.
Defiance1266 viewsMy first character just after completion, entered him shortly after in the Q1 2004 animation contest - watch it here! look for mike nix
Painter...646 viewsA character reminiscent of the renaissance painters perphaps…
I Come In Peace890 viewsImage of a funky blue haired dude bringing a message of peace. You can buy products with this character on them at Url Text
Pinguin in love...1226 viewsthis is my first character model
Ruffy the Dog937 viewsA character I made named Ruffy the Dog. You can buy products with this character on it at Url Text
Stalker411 viewsa character im working on for a movie im going to make called "STALKER"
Stalker face zoom out461 viewsanother picture of my stalker character, but zoomed out
Stalker face zoom407 viewsanother picture of my stalker model
Character from a short film that is STILL in progress...608 views
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