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Celtic Predator669 viewsHere is a male Predator model I just recently updated, with a Celtic helmet, standing in front of a wall. Hope you like it.
cletic close480.jpg
Celtic Predator close-up549 viewsThis is the male Predator model I am working on, wearing a Celtic helmet, with a close up view
final queen1.jpg
Alien Queen Textured599 viewsThis is the same Alien Queen model, with textures just recently put in, textures done in Photoshop.
Queen sekhmet Figure0.jpg
Queen Sekhmet from ORIGIN OF MAN completed493 viewsSo far so good, making huge progress on building the assets for this project! Cant wait to get it all put together and start pounding out the footage!
Alien Queen Roar445 viewsThis is a picture of my completed model of the Alien Queen, in a snowy wasteland.
Alien Ravager613 viewsThis is a model I completed just recently, took several months to complete, in Animation Master v. 13.
Shopping333 views
In The Park310 views
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