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I told you we should have asked for directions...579 viewsNov 14, 2009
Pod16abrushed shader on sphere0.jpg
EVA610 viewsNov 07, 2009
Final Pic W Alpha0 copy.jpg
Bellevue Redmen Football397 viewsHigh school football team in Bellevue OhioOct 07, 2009
Swashbuckler Character426 viewsExperimenting with the toon shader. I kinda like the effect! Now for a little story...Oct 01, 2009
Vicky396 viewsSep 27, 2009
Queen sekhmet Figure0.jpg
Queen Sekhmet from ORIGIN OF MAN completed523 viewsSo far so good, making huge progress on building the assets for this project! Cant wait to get it all put together and start pounding out the footage!Sep 25, 2009
kuva (51).jpg
sauna plan464 viewscan use a:m on this too. good help.Sep 19, 2009
kuva (52).jpg
Plan445 viewssauna plan...Sep 19, 2009
KOAN assembled.jpg
General Koan442 viewsGeneral Koan is complete along with 10 other guys in either Fighter gear or regular uniform. I still have to do the characters on the other side of the conflict but this is proving to be ten times easier than I thought. And as I said so many times before I love how Hash works!Sep 16, 2009
Cruet Character Heads.jpg
ORIGIN OF MAN - Character heads476 viewsCompleted 10 out of 20 characters I need to build. There are two sides to this story, the Athiens and the Cruets, these guys are the cruets, battle worrior type characters. Kinda cool. The Athiens are the "Scientific" type of characters and have a more human look though they have black eyes. Should be wonderful to see in action!Sep 12, 2009
915 viewsSep 07, 2009
509 viewsSep 03, 2009
355 viewsSep 03, 2009
473 viewsSep 03, 2009
Gowan City widescreen.jpg
ORIGIN OF MAN - GOWAN CITY551 viewsEverything hash generated except for the clouds! I created the city and a couple of the ships as well as rendered this shot all today! I am Soooooooooo pleased with the hash software it quit litterally is like having Magic on your side!Aug 27, 2009
X7 StudioRenders A-0.jpg
Haro Extreme X7 (Modified)667 viewsThis is a model of my bike with its current configuration in my garage. I modeled it to expand my skills and for my demoreel. The final patch count is (Dare I put it): 53,071.
This render is uses IBL with a Highres HDR image and AO.
Aug 27, 2009
raccoon left0.jpg
Raccoon side view371 viewsThis is a computer animated model of a raccoon done for a customer a while back. This is only a sample of some of the work that my company, Robobill Animations, can provide. My
e-mail is robobill@sbcglobal.net.
Aug 26, 2009
Batmobile815 viewsAug 23, 2009
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