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Residential Lap Pool 2686 viewsThis is yet another architectural sketch of mine. Loosely inspired by my last one. I used the pool model from the last one as well. Radiosity for the light, 100,000 photons and 2,000 sample size.Jun 19, 2010
(Office Card) Pool Tests A_1.jpg
Residential Lap Pool1248 viewsI created this scene initially as archviz practice. I was inspired so by the short, The Third and the Seventh. Everything was done in A:M. Lighting was a mix of AO and a single Sun light.May 27, 2010
stone statue0.jpg
Stone Statue480 viewsApr 23, 2010
Landscape739 viewsThis is an update to the original image I uploaded.Apr 05, 2010
618 viewsMar 30, 2010
model t1927.JPG
THE TRAIN IS COMING501 viewsthis site is getting pretty thin,i uploaded 1 1/2 year ago and its only 7 pages backMar 24, 2010
This way848 viewsFeb 11, 2010
Bad-Ass Aiden473 viewsAiden firing his gun at some unknown enemies from Episode 1, Destiny and ReasonFeb 06, 2010
Lt. Tony "Aiden" Keith429 viewsThe first promo image for Earth Link ZeroJan 28, 2010
Loomis Character Design470 viewsIn looking for a character design that would allow my animation students to explore animation with a simple yet realistic shape I encountered the sketchbooks of Andrew Loomis and his manikin design for burgeoning artists. This is my interpretation of Loomis' sketches. (coincidentally, I've found DAZ has a similar model featured in Poser named "Andrew")Jan 24, 2010
Facial Expression Exam.667 viewsJan 08, 2010
Exploding Moon407 viewsAnother WIP image from Earth Link: Zero. Another opening space shot, part of the Lava Moon shot.Jan 07, 2010
Lava Moon384 viewsA WIP image from Earth Link: Zero, one of the opening space shots of episode 1, Destiny and Reason.Jan 07, 2010
Drill395 viewsJan 04, 2010
Shelby GT500 on the road595 viewsDec 23, 2009
178 viewsDec 18, 2009
Get the boot509 viewsDec 02, 2009
Invis SSS634 viewsText render on skin with SSS. Armor not textured.

The protagonist character for an upcoming project.
Nov 15, 2009
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