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hash_card1154 viewsHASH X-MAS CARDMay 03, 2005
time_travel2615 viewsTIME TRAVELMay 03, 2005
venom1811 viewsVENOM May 03, 2005
replicant1747 viewsREPLICANTMay 03, 2005
Product Shot for my COSMOS Magic DVD1306 viewsMay 03, 2005
Peg's Mansion968 viewsBella Bear and her friends posing for the camera outisde Peg's Old MansionApr 25, 2005
my second model5720 views-Try to make her more human, reduce eye size,reduce face width, longer face (I think I have to reduce head size as well)
-Use photoshop for make up
-Separately render model and background
Apr 25, 2005
Still from Ballet Pour Ma Fille: Driving through a village.1188 viewsM. Ravel is driving his ambulance through the village where a little girl lives, who he will soon meet. She changes his outlook on life. She's in the window of her home if you look carefully.Apr 22, 2005
my first model2579 viewsrender with green wall and use magic wand tool selection to put into backgroundApr 22, 2005
Bones in the Mirror2614 viewsThis was an exercise with lighting, reflective and transparency, as well as a bit of depth of field. This is a masterful peace of software.Apr 18, 2005
Roblean Boy (Security Sidekick)1434 viewsApr 12, 2005
Initial Man (Security Officer)1966 viewsApr 12, 2005
M&M Plain1700 viewsApr 12, 2005
Old Man1324 viewsApr 12, 2005
Museum Display1196 viewsApr 12, 2005
Chamber of Music.jpg
Chamber Of Thoughts1969 viewscreated this scene from an idea I had for a few yrs now, true to life feeling!!!

Sometimes there is a "song/thought" that plays in your head and u can't get rid of it..You sleep and awake and it's still there; harrassing the soul...It brings emotions ( anger,pain,bad memories,depression,love,encouragement ) makes you feel traped within the corners of your mind...

Makes you wanna scream and express; but no one can HEAR!! you..

ALL done in Animation Master V11.....
Apr 07, 2005
Sonic 2 Final Boss1728 viewsIf anyone out there has beaten the video game Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Genesis, you know who this baddy is. Created and rendered in the same day. I give you My version of the final boss from sonic 2.Apr 07, 2005
1906 viewsApr 05, 2005
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