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3D kitty1808 viewssourcefiles can be yound at Cute yiffbefore clicking that link, you must be a legal adult on your country

May 21, 2005
assembled housing transparent.JPG
Semi-transparent vacuum pump882 viewsJPG file.
May 20, 2005
Homer in my brother_s room.jpg
1490 viewsaarstadstudios@yahoo.comMay 18, 2005
Wrong Place Wrong Time1329 viewsEver found urself in the wrong place at the wrong time? not a good feeling.. Sometimes it just best to turn right around and run!!

Sang was hungry and went looking for food in a rough area of the ocean..Bumped into daddy!!! and baby worms and realized his stay should be short!!!

ALL Done in HASH Animation Master V11... FX painted in "THE GIMP"....
May 17, 2005
on the sea2933 viewsnew version of my model in the emerald seaMay 10, 2005
Join the darkside!1376 viewsLord Vader wants you to join the dark side!May 09, 2005
Rom1468 viewsEarth Federation of Planets fighter pilot. This is the finished model. I will be adding a few hardware devices to his arm, because in this future, people have computers either attached to their clothing or around their wrists and arms or even ankles and legs.
Thanks Martin and all the programmers & employees at HASH, Inc! This one is 4 u.
May 07, 2005
tron.jpg865 viewsTRON
The Babbage Patch
May 03, 2005
charlesbabbagerobby.jpg2200 viewsROBBY THE ROBOTMay 03, 2005
gollum1836 viewsGOLLUMMay 03, 2005
hash_card1192 viewsHASH X-MAS CARDMay 03, 2005
time_travel2676 viewsTIME TRAVELMay 03, 2005
venom1871 viewsVENOM May 03, 2005
replicant1808 viewsREPLICANTMay 03, 2005
Product Shot for my COSMOS Magic DVD1351 viewsMay 03, 2005
Peg's Mansion1020 viewsBella Bear and her friends posing for the camera outisde Peg's Old MansionApr 25, 2005
my second model5812 views-Try to make her more human, reduce eye size,reduce face width, longer face (I think I have to reduce head size as well)
-Use photoshop for make up
-Separately render model and background
Apr 25, 2005
Still from Ballet Pour Ma Fille: Driving through a village.1230 viewsM. Ravel is driving his ambulance through the village where a little girl lives, who he will soon meet. She changes his outlook on life. She's in the window of her home if you look carefully.Apr 22, 2005
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