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Gems1315 viewsan example of caustics in A:MJan 29, 2005
Mr. Dodo1903 viewsOriginally created for Bryan Michael Stoller for "Miss Cast Away". This version sports feathers made with the beta version of A:M V11Jan 29, 2005
Tar versus Megalodon.jpg
10758 viewsTAR of ZandoriaJan 29, 2005
Hairy Donut3494 viewsJust playing around with A:M hair . . . trying to get the best hair possibleJan 29, 2005
Death Of Hunger.jpg
"Death Of Hunger"1992 viewsI created this Still Life as a composition study... A:M V8.5Jan 29, 2005
brad last90.jpg
Achillies1312 viewsJan 28, 2005
Character WIP : "Dudley"1469 viewsDudley came about when I was viewing my both my daughters' Magnadoodle drawings (of which I snap digital photos of before they erase them). A couple of them had this googly-eyed fellow that I fell in love with. So, in essence, I cannot take full credit of the creation and/or inspiration of this character. I'm mainly going to use him animation tests and such- and maybe a short film, who knows.Jan 28, 2005
Character WIP : "Jedi Knight Xan Li" (pronounced ZAN LEE)3250 viewsThis is a character that I've had in my head for a while. He's the main character in my own Star Wars Fan Film that is currently in pre-production. Jan 28, 2005
Fish1126 viewsThis is the freaky Fish model we sell on eggprops

You can find it <here>
Jan 27, 2005
Blue Rose1173 viewsmy entry in Jul/02 image contest .. 3rd PlaceJan 27, 2005
Bad Guy964 viewsself portrait whit some make upsJan 27, 2005
Inner Thoughts.jpg
"Still Life- Inner Thoughts"1811 viewsThis scene is an expression of my thoughts coming to life. I wanted a very abstract feel and look to the overall scene. I was inspired by Alanis Morissette's song called "Forgiven". A:M V8.5Jan 25, 2005
Old Book742 viewsThis is the old book model we sell on eggprops

You can find a direct link to it <here>
Jan 25, 2005
Fokker DR1 on eggprops783 viewsThis is the Fokker DR1 model we sell on eggprops

You can check it out <here>

Jan 25, 2005
20041106 NEW gate test render 004.jpg
Full Geometry Chainlink Fence1779 viewsA scene for a client for visualizing court testimony. The fence is completely geometry except for the material applied to the wood slats.
Each of the two gate sections use over 10,000 patches with the entire scene using almost 30,000 patches.
Jan 25, 2005
The Coke Mill.jpg
The Coke Mill1621 views"The Coke Mill" was finished in 4 days and it demonstrates texturing. It was all done in Animation Master v.11. I made this for the mechanical contest at www.hash.com and I consider it my best piece yet. Getting the rust onto the can was extremely frustrating at first and I had to learn alpha mapping during the making of this so a lot came out of doing this image. [url=http://paulmcgrade.com/www.PaulMcgrade.com[/url]
Jan 24, 2005
Hash Man full1542 viewsI like this pose because it shows off the costume and modeling. He's based off of Alex Ross's Super man, though he's evolved into his own form.Jan 23, 2005
Hash Man Punch1350 viewsmy second favorite pose for this guy. The second coming of my Major Innovation character.Jan 23, 2005
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