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summerdrink799 viewswell... it's been a hot summer around here in 2003 (:
elefant came with the a:m-cd, didn't model this one!
Feb 21, 2005
isolation823 viewsdo you know this feeling? it's not really that bad when you get used to it...>>sigh<<< (;
Feb 21, 2005
tools645 viewsthat's my country house! do you really need a description for this one? screw yourself d: (2003)Feb 21, 2005
a(n)t-tr-act-or-s1023 viewschaotic motion gives rise to what are known as strange attractors, attractors that can have great detail and complexity
Feb 21, 2005
bad luck - or say hello to mom1122 viewssome chars from 2002Feb 21, 2005
escher 04464 viewsjust impossible (2003)Feb 21, 2005
sad665 viewsfiz-mascot-facial (2003)Feb 21, 2005
2972 viewsFeb 17, 2005
My first Project1038 viewsThis is basically my first project that I did on my own in my 3d animation classFeb 16, 2005
Balrog1495 viewsAM 11.1 Test Render w/ PS 7 lighting and post finishing. I am a AM 11 newbie and wanted to develop my animation skills. Love the interface.Feb 14, 2005
Goblin3155 viewsFeb 11, 2005
Superhero2335 viewsi've created this model while learning how to build the human form in a:m.Feb 11, 2005
HDRI fake1418 viewsthis resulted from a discussion with Dusan Kastelic on the topic of faking HDRI over a decal image.Feb 11, 2005
Vision11967 viewsa mechanical spider
actually a wip, but currently there are no plans of finishing this spot.
created and rendered with A:M 8.5
Feb 11, 2005
Head(james)1753 viewsMy second attempt at modeling, my friends head, havent touched it in ages but will eventually finish it, promise!Feb 09, 2005
Defiance1200 viewsMy first character just after completion, entered him shortly after in the Q1 2004 animation contest - watch it here! look for mike nix Feb 09, 2005
Red Hot Rose3895 viewsDesert Rose playing Red-Hot Riding Hood.

I think every animator and their brother has worked the Preston Blair Strut In-between exercise, so I thought I'd go ahead and get in out of my system. So, I grabbed my goofing around test model, Desert Rose, and started in.

Three weeks later....
Feb 07, 2005
Desert Rose Front1015 viewsRandom render I found lurking on my harddrive. It's a front shot of Desert Rose. I think this was the first humanoid model I finished that I was happy with. However, this shot makes her look sinister. I guess that's all right since her character tends to waffle between good girl and out and out villain....Feb 07, 2005
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