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Chris Thom1047 viewsDec 09, 2005
David Merchen -1st PLACE!-1029 viewsDec 09, 2005
Alan Hourmand1339 viewsDec 09, 2005
Saleen S7 tire and rim1088 viewsResults of tweaking chrome material, a dome, and a skylight rig.Dec 04, 2005
EyeZ On U1069 viewsA scene based on a drawing I did.....Done in Animation Master & The Gimp......Nov 29, 2005
WTC And Nigel.jpg
Tower One, World Trade Center1121 viewsThe model is built inside and out, and has a total of 17,000 patches. At the base of the tower stands a six foot tall person which doesnt even make up .4% of the models height. The bronze tinted glass and photon mapping gives the inner building a wonderful orange glow. The outter building is surrounded by 236 columns, all with an alumninum sheeting material.Nov 22, 2005
Saleen S71159 viewsThis is my first serious attempt to create a smooth car body. It has a long way to go, but it gets better every day.Nov 22, 2005
Mindy7140 viewsA commisioned "porn star" model.Nov 19, 2005
Spliv vy1048 viewsI was just having some fun with this character, just playing with some concept designs....Modeled/rendered in Animation Master V11.Nov 17, 2005
my office.jpg
My office2136 viewsNov 14, 2005
2007 jaguar xk1212 viewssomethin I've been workin onNov 12, 2005
2007 jaguar xk998 viewssomethin I've been workin onNov 12, 2005
2007 jaguar xk1411 viewssomethin I've been workin onNov 12, 2005
2007 jaguar xk1220 viewsSomethin I've been workin onNov 12, 2005
Raptor915 viewsThis is the Raptor glam shot used on Eggprops. The Raptor model was created by Joe Cosman and Brian Prince had a hand in the textures.Nov 11, 2005
Tenontosaur809 viewsThis is the Tenontosaur model we offer on eggprops. It was created by Joe Cosman and I'm pretty sure Brian Prince had a hand in it as well.Nov 09, 2005
Pterosaur715 viewsThis is teh Pterosaur model Joe Cosman created for eggprops. I'm pretty sure Brian Prince also had a hand in the textures as well.Nov 07, 2005
The Encounter969 viewsMy Demon and Lizardman in a no-holds-barred match! Which one will reign victorious....stay tuned.Nov 07, 2005
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