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Saturn and Iapetus249 viewsThe hemisphere of Iapetus that faces away from Saturn has had only low-res imaging coverage so far, but this will change when Cassini takes better images in September 2007. I created the surface texture and the famous equatorial ridge using a displacement map, which is mostly ficticious.
Aug 21, 2007
Saturn: Iapetus261 viewsThe boundary between eastern Cassini Regio (the dark brown region) and Roncevaux Terra (the white region), including the chain of three large craters unofficially called "the Snowman".Aug 21, 2007
Saturn: Iapetus241 viewsCassini Regio on Iapetus. The equatorial ridge is visible against the moon's limb.Aug 21, 2007
Saturn and Enceladus249 viewsI created the plume of water vapor from Enceladus' south pole geysers using MacroPhoto, the same way I did with the volcanic plumes on Io.
Aug 21, 2007
Saturn and Tethys298 viewsAug 21, 2007
Saturn and Dione242 viewsAug 21, 2007
Saturn and Rhea237 viewsAug 21, 2007
Saturn and Titan241 viewsAug 21, 2007
Earth: The Moon254 viewsThis model has 50% diffuse falloff to simulate the familiar "flattened" look of the Moon.Aug 21, 2007
Earth and the Moon369 viewsThe Earth with the Moon barely visible in the background. The wide-angle camera makes the Moon look small.Aug 21, 2007
The Moon and the Earth272 viewsThe Earth rising beyond the Moon. An angle similar to the opening shot of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The lights of North and South America are faintly visible on the nightside of the Earth.Aug 21, 2007
Saturn243 viewsSaturn in northern hemisphere winter. As observed by the Cassini probe, both the planet's axial tilt and the shadow of the rings create lower temperatures at high latitudes, and Rayleigh scattering from ice crystals in the atmosphere causes the clouds to turn blue. This was modeled by applying a projection map containing both a normal Saturn texture and one that was colorized blue in Photoshop. A gradient driven by a smartskin transitions from one map to the other.
Aug 21, 2007
Saturn and Mimas272 viewsMimas, Saturn's innermost major moon. This view shows the giant crater Herschel, and the smaller crater Arthur is also prominent at the lower left of the moon. The model was textured with a displacement map.Aug 21, 2007
Neptune and Triton322 viewsSep 21, 2006
Uranus: Umbriel332 viewsSep 21, 2006
Uranus: Titania310 viewsSep 21, 2006
Uranus: Oberon380 viewsSep 21, 2006
Neptune378 viewsNeptune showing the Great Dark Spot (which dissipated in the years after Voyager 2's encounter).
Sep 21, 2006
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