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truck preview0.jpg
peterbuilt525 viewsmy first try at a truckApr 29, 2008
HD POSE0.jpg
HD Breaking Bad590 viewsAn on going project to help get Humpty Dumpty up to date.Apr 24, 2008
WWII Tiger Tank869 viewsUploaded 4/24/2008 - Started out as an example of how to model a tread. Kinda got carried away with it. After some more grunge and background it will be featured in the Showcase.Apr 24, 2008
Tiger I578 viewsFamous German WWII tank that I started to model as a tank tread excercise. Now I will go all out to model and texture it.Apr 11, 2008
Lamborghini Gallardo689 viewsThis is my first serious attempt at creating a car in Animation:Master. The rims and tires are not the actual ones that will be used on the finished model. Still have a ways to go on it, but am fairly pleased with how it is turning out.Feb 25, 2008
Digital Camera887 viewsI was in the mood the work with some metal and reflective textures. I decied a digital camera was a good choice.Feb 19, 2008
A Robot Confused1190 viewsI'm still trying to add detail to this world. Any suggestions are welcome.Feb 07, 2008
LIFE 2.1 Robot877 viewsMy first model using Animation Master. Work in progress character for a 10 min short.Jan 14, 2008
Morning News still from WIP "Alien Invasion"767 viewsI used the Anouncer from the Hash Disk. I thought he was perfect just as he was except for a few rigging adjustments and phoneme and face expression pose sliders. The rest is origional.Nov 05, 2007
Press Release of Professor Weizenheimer from WIP "Alien Invasion"794 viewsHair is expensive but well worth the time to get the Einstein look. He is complete with German Accent.Nov 05, 2007
Donut Shop Set from WIP "Alien Invasian"875 viewsI'm in to the detail, Some of which will never showup in the final, but I KNOW IT'S THERENov 05, 2007
Martin's Appartment from WIP "Alien Invasion"707 viewsNov 05, 2007
Martin's Kitchen from WIP "Alien Invasion"681 viewsNov 05, 2007
Feature animation from - Squib 2008603 viewsFeature length family movie about an alien who visits earth and brings trouble with him. To be released at the end of 2008Nov 02, 2007
Easy Guitar Modeling571 views
After making the Guitar and Violin model I planed to make a tutorial on how to make a guitar with just one rota scope. I still might make tutorial if I get enough people ask me and I get a new faster computer LOL
Oct 28, 2007
Buzz birthday668 viewstest rendering of violin models I madeOct 28, 2007
DaddyO999 viewsProject that was started just for fun and then entered into the Image Contest - prolly shouldn't have entered due to the fact that I really didn't change the character that much. Oh well, hope you like it anyway.Oct 04, 2007
THE END part2 vfx shot 1 views659 views
I'm using Hash to do all of my VFX as it is fast, intuitive, and the results are amazing! This is just 1 of many shots in this film that should be premiering sometime by December.
Oct 01, 2007
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