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M 16 467 viewsMar 28, 2012
Wood house.JPG
House for SHort project421 viewsJust completed building the house for the short story. Absolutely love how easy this software is to create models like this and have it look good!Dec 07, 2011
DEMON ROAR54 copy.jpg
Fully rigged and animated456 viewsFinally finished off the rigging and poses. Taking him out for a test spin, figured I would share. I love this guy, kinda mix between a Bat and a T rex! Can't wait till I animated the movie, it'll be pretty sweet!Dec 03, 2011
Demon Bad guy small.jpg
Bad guy revamped to be used325 viewsFound an old model, striped down, rebuilt it, re-textured it to use for a new purpose.Dec 02, 2011
Jack Test HD still.JPG
Working on main character texture, lighting, and expression319 viewsfor short story projectNov 18, 2011
Full moon forest shot Above light HD still90 copy.jpg
Test for short animation377 viewsworking on a short animation for the north west animation festival that is coming up and needed to test making leaves and creating the night shot lighting.Nov 16, 2011
Escape from the mines of Titan #1331 viewsA still from a video I am working on for a progressive rock bandJul 13, 2011
732 viewsSep 02, 2010
This way893 viewsFeb 11, 2010
Facial Expression Exam.709 viewsJan 08, 2010
Exploding Moon428 viewsAnother WIP image from Earth Link: Zero. Another opening space shot, part of the Lava Moon shot.Jan 07, 2010
Lava Moon404 viewsA WIP image from Earth Link: Zero, one of the opening space shots of episode 1, Destiny and Reason.Jan 07, 2010
Drill416 viewsJan 04, 2010
Get the boot543 viewsDec 02, 2009
I told you we should have asked for directions...559 viewsNov 14, 2009
Pod16abrushed shader on sphere0.jpg
EVA589 viewsNov 07, 2009
Queen sekhmet Figure0.jpg
Queen Sekhmet from ORIGIN OF MAN completed503 viewsSo far so good, making huge progress on building the assets for this project! Cant wait to get it all put together and start pounding out the footage!Sep 25, 2009
KOAN assembled.jpg
General Koan425 viewsGeneral Koan is complete along with 10 other guys in either Fighter gear or regular uniform. I still have to do the characters on the other side of the conflict but this is proving to be ten times easier than I thought. And as I said so many times before I love how Hash works!Sep 16, 2009
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