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Halloween2010139 viewsJun 10, 2014
Halloween2010136 viewsJun 10, 2014
halloween-kitune135 viewsJun 10, 2014
Halloween-wink137 viewsJun 10, 2014
Pirate Gloria596 viewsTrying out Sub Surface ScatteringMar 13, 2013
Star Runner-01.jpg
Star Runner274 viewsJul 15, 2012
Alien Ships-01a.jpg
Alien Ships-01a262 viewsDysun scout ships on patrol.Jul 15, 2012
JACK by the SWAMP copy.jpg
JAck by the swamp311 viewsAnother beautiful shot that I wanted to share. Figured it would be nice to look at. The swamp water actually moves as well, using a pose slider, every 10% I would have the mesh move so as you slide from 0-100% the water would ripple. Its kinda cool!Dec 11, 2011
Moonlight Set copy.jpg
Sets and characters381 viewsPutting it all together and its rendering wonderfully. However I cannot render any rez past 1080 , I get rendering errors so I'll just stick with 1080Dec 10, 2011
Short project.jpg
Short project "Hollows Eve"250 viewsFinished building the main character and did this scene/light test to see how he looked. I have to build four more characters but they are much simpler and don't require so much detail. the other photo I had was just the head when it was done, which is why it was hidden behind the pumpkin. Now I have him completed in this shot. Hope you like it.Nov 27, 2011
Timelapse_AOtest720C_2 assemble (
Residential Pool Timelapse Frame283 viewsThis is a frame from the final composited version of a timelapse animation of my Residential Lap Pool scene. I used Adobe After FX for the SSAO, color correction, DOF, grain, and vignette. The animation was rendered out of A:M into OpenEXR sequences so I could apply such post work.

The lighting was simple, just 1 sun, 3 bulbs for the interior fixtures, and global ambience. Each frame at 720p rendered at about 30 minutes each.
Oct 07, 2011
Camaro SS585 viewsBird ViewApr 26, 2011
Camaro SS403 viewsFront viewApr 26, 2011
King of the Jungle442 viewsMar 26, 2011
Ford Camaro SS Wireframe543 viewsMar 22, 2011
At Bay466 viewsMar 13, 2011
Dragons365 viewsMar 13, 2011
Recovery: calm seas425 viewsAnother view of the same scene taken at the water line. Done in Animation master with skins in Photoshop.Feb 01, 2011
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